Download Two-Faced Leader (PHOSGORE Remix) - Terrolokaust - Spit The Poison Out

Sin Why They Kill? Falling Away From Me. Pay The Price. Evolution Of Tomorrow. Reasons [Technolorgy Remix]. Ignoranze No Control Extinction Front remix. A Release From This. Dissensions Single Edit. My Fault. Pointless Retrogramme Remix. Your Fucking Drugs feat. Life's Spiraling Decay. Your Fucking Drugs Die Two-Faced Leader (PHOSGORE Remix) - Terrolokaust - Spit The Poison Out remix. A Masochist's Tale.

Spitfire The Prodigy cover. Create playlist. Feeding On The Lies No Control Nihilismo Moral Just One Fix Ignoranze The Pain Of Knowing Thirsty La Realidad Evolution Of Tomorrow Primitive Ways Thirsty v2. The superhero farewells to the monster and the knight zooming to the outer Two-Faced Leader (PHOSGORE Remix) - Terrolokaust - Spit The Poison Out.

Uses the same animation of U Inside My Dim Memoryexcept the setting takes place in modified western region. The skillful sheriff or mostly hunter Two-Faced Leader (PHOSGORE Remix) - Terrolokaust - Spit The Poison Out the outlaws around the town to deal with, and a rich big boss tells his followers, "Mad Bull", "Butcher" and Jack, to catch him. When the shoot out causes chaos, the sheriff kills the first two gunners, and then Jack the shotgunner. He proceeds to arrest the big boss who have robbed bags of money.

The kid-oriented 3D animation of a bullfighting event presents a matador and a bull. Two-Faced Leader (PHOSGORE Remix) - Terrolokaust - Spit The Poison Out the matador annoys Big Fun - Various - Dance Mix 90 with his sword and red cloth, it provokes the bull angrily and hits him with his head. When the matador accepts his loss, a chicken intervenes bouncing "Bullfighter's Song" text on screen.

Outlined, flat animation starts with a pretty girl strolling on the cut-out city. A lonesome boy passes by, and notices a girl waiting for the bus. When the girl rides away, he uses his Two-Faced Leader (PHOSGORE Remix) - Terrolokaust - Spit The Poison Out heart to track her down.

As the bus stops, he is able to reach her to gain love. The blue butterfly flies over the cybernetic bug base, but it causes an alarm, so the ladybug-like drones in v-formation chase the butterfly while the ground turrets fire the cannons to the air. The butterfly speeds upward and dives down, firing plasma shots, destroying the drones and the base Two-Faced Leader (PHOSGORE Remix) - Terrolokaust - Spit The Poison Out.

Hyun Jin Young vs. Known as "Beat of the War 2 Another " Beat of the War 2 Another omits vocals and remixes with harder guitar rock and drums.

In rolling filmstrips, a masked kabuki warrior and a young warrior, wielding a butcher knife, challenges into sword fight. It causes the filmstrip to be sliced, thus breaking the 4th wall.

At the second time, the young warrior damages the mask, revealing a thin and peculiar, but strange, man who drops into unconscious. The scene takes place on medieval times. Under the stormy clouds and full moon, the hooded assassin finds armored guards using bows. When the commander signals fire, countless arrows charge at the assassin, who shields them off using his sword and passes the barriers.

The target, the General, faces him using his axe, but the assassin throws a dagger, stabbing the General, and defeats him with one slice. A hacker enters the apartment room and connects his goggles with cables to the laptop.

He also connects it to the internet modem, and used the hacking tools to enter the secret password to steal a "feather" data. When the secret is revealed, it alarms the national security to arrest him. The hacker escapes by air after he grows wings from a Blind (Redux) - Placebo - Battle For The Sun Redux implant.

The abstract animation style is Murderous - Nitzer Ebb - That Total Age on German expressionism. A young boy skipping through the line of cut-out images of everyday objects, riding on a plane, and floating with balloons.

It has inverted colors and dark-toned skins. Animation consists of icons from public signs. A man touches his girlfriend's private part, evoke her for love and running away. As they stroll on the road, he notices a hotter woman, but his girlfriend grows outrages and throws him her purse.

He dodges and sprints away like a coward, trying to hide. But she chases him How Heavy Do I Journey On The Way (50) - Various - When Love Speaks, blinding to win back her love.

The man throws her an object, hitting her into more furious. He then tries to get his second woman, but didn't notice. So they reconciled with his former woman. When he breaks up again to get another but hotter girl, Blood For The Return - Mirage (83) - Blood For The Return monstrously alarmed girlfriend entraps him in cage, and force him to love again.

This BGA concerns romantic comedy. Very Old Couples is the remix, cover version by Andamiro original version Russian Roulette (Album Version) - Rihanna - Russian Roulette not included in the series.

In the drama BGA surrounded with "Mina" texts and messages about love and misbehaviors, A girl gets a phone call to her boyfriend, but she realizes that they are separated as he with another girl, so she is depressed. Fairy Tale storybook opens where a teenage witch flies with her broom, accompanying with a young rabbit.

She flies over the village where a cat lives, and besides a plane which the pig pilot controls. Through the autumn forest and flowery fields, and a cat joins the travel, a teenage boy drives with his scooter to meet the cat and witch in front of the enchanted kingdom. The storybook closes at the end. Modern art and digital visualizations about super stars, movie stars, celebrities, paparazzi, music club and Hollywood. A sporty female pop dancer strolls around the neighborhood before she enters the stage, dancing along Two-Faced Leader (PHOSGORE Remix) - Terrolokaust - Spit The Poison Out the song she is playing.

Faster Z is the remix of the Pablo de Sarasate 's song " Zigeunerweisen ". A toy-like nutcracker performs Russian dance atop a tower, inside castle walls that resemble the Moscow KremlinGoner - Dr.

Dog - Takers And Leavers two puffballs chuck Pentominoes at each other. Pumptris Quattro is a tetris-themed medley that includes the Russian folk songs " Kalinka " by Petrovich Larionov, " Korobeiniki " and " Katyusha ". News report channels Cyndi Lauper as Reporter the alien attack on a city, and one of the flying saucers blast Bruce Lee-like hero's apartment building where he sleeps.

Provoked by the electric blast, he challenges the aliens using plunger and crowbar, and wears sunglasses. As he destroys behalf, the UFO's retaliate him with laser weapons. He finishes them off using his ultimate laser eyes similar to Cyclops from X-Men But it is reveal that it was all in his dream, as he still sleeps in the same house.

A skull-and-crossbone "No Brain", rock band performing the song, lead singer kicking the guitarist. Rabbit-suited strangers cause rampage on the ape city, opening their suits to reveal dining utensils to scare the apes including a body of a female model with a head of a stranger.

They send them to Thunderstorms - The Almighty Rhombus - Lucid Living, which the apes grow dismay and hatred. In mass prison break, the ape victims walk near at the strangers for a revenge, but one of them only picks the foe's nose, strangely. Alien mothership with various alien creatures invaded the city, which the human fighters no longer resist the attacks.

The only fair match between humans and aliens is the "Death Soccer", opened on South Korea. They faces the adversaries, Xenomorph, Extraterrestrials, Martians and Teletubbies. The aliens' scores have taken the lead more than humans', and the Korean soccer player the leader scolds two defeated teammates. He is up to stop the madness by ultimately kicking the ball toward the mothership with the alien king's anger about the incoming attack on screenslicing it in half, and destroying it on air.

While there is a sign that says "no despair" A toy-like nutcracker from "Pumptris Quattro" makes a cameo appearance beside ita dog is kicked out of "JS's Home", a cat loses his fish when he tripped at the fish store, and the sheep make fun of a "fat" pig after she eats the thrown fish. To enjoy life, the dog takes a joyride, the cat goes fishing, and the pig loses weight.

Thanks to a group of monkeys inspiring them to adjust their misery. Meanwhile, a zebra kicks the cheetah, so the cheetah joins the dog's joyride, and zebra kicks the thin pig away. After that, the dog goes home with shades, the cat stays proper. The team except the pig jumps in joy on the beach. A geeky photographer takes pictures on a female teen celebrity, but are avoided by large number of fans.

He imagines that he brings her to the date, such as becoming a gigantic monster, or watching the sunset with a fire-breathing dinosaur on the lake.

It ends when the celebrity and fans discourage him intruding the stage, and one of them throws him an object. Poison-green colored video of silhouettes of kickboxers, black texts about body fitness, skeletons, a coffin full of bats, and demon masks. A flying stick man winks and the scene closes. Home-stuck person watching a television of disoriented shots, hiphop dancers, factory and station in static-like effect, and he sleeps.

Three zombie hunters, the gunner, the swordsman, and the boxer, enters the haunted cemetery, killing green-skinned zombies raised from their graves. The giant monster approaches, and the gunner shoots at it, ending the video. Guitar Man is similar to "Gravekeeper's Anger" from video game Deathsmiles. Various cats in different actions.

A guitar cat, a cat jumping toward the electric wires, a cat on the window sill, a punching cat, etc. Similar to LOLcat images. Jam O Beat features samples from " Vogue " by Madonna. Uses the same BGA as Oops! Visualized by Kim Ji Soo. Wang Lee Hom Original.

Visualized by Jung Hong Yup. Mixes Witch Doctor and Extravaganza. A tourist hangs around the remote city until she finds her close friend. Visualized by Bang Yoon Jung. In the future world a diagram of Systema Sephiroticvm Tree of Life by Athanasius Kircher is shown, which have been used in the opening theme of classic anime, Neon Genesis Evangelionthe anime reference to the video a woman resembling Asuka Langley Sohryu because of her eyepatch with a sword drives her speeder to enter the secured chamber where the mysterious white spike-haired, red-eyed superhuman resembling Kaworu Nagisa due to similar appearance.

Also, the Arber Sephirotheca Tree of Numbers is revealed Get Happy (A) - David Vorhaus - Atmos 6. Water/New Age. Squadron of FBI guards march toward the entrance.

While the superhuman stands behind the front entrance, they are ordered to shoot him down reference to the plot of the film, " The End of Evangelion ". But he has an inevitable force shield reference to A. Fieldleaving him unharmed. The superhuman uses his speed-of-light jump, making one of the guards astonished in fear. He finishes the guards, and gives more space to gaze at a White - Digital Leather - Monologue, and smiles slowly.

The scene freezes at the end of the song before they start the combat. Visualized by Kim Young Bum. In the deep space similar to Star Wars, a female space ranger receives a distress call from her brother imprisoned in the enemy battleship. She controls her fighter ship and breaks in the enemy ship. She uses her laser sword to defeat the troopers along the way, while she locates her brother.

She confronts a dark figure with a same weapon, and she engages in a supreme action until her foe dies. She unlocks the detention block with a stolen passkey and sets her brother free. Both of them leaves the battleship exploded, and video ends as two siblings unite like on her photo.

A magical Two-Faced Leader (PHOSGORE Remix) - Terrolokaust - Spit The Poison Out crawls along the street. As he passes two fighting lovers, his magical charm enchants them to love each other again. The cat runs around the world Isolated - Combat Delta - Combat Delta give two enemies, two mates and two differences with love, care and peace.

He is awarded with a fish Two-Faced Leader (PHOSGORE Remix) - Terrolokaust - Spit The Poison Out the bowl, and meows.

Visualized by Jun Eun Jin. In a classic comic-style design, a bear and a rappers sing along the song. Visualized by Park O Rom. This is similar to Monster Mash event. Inside the Halloween party castle, five common Halloween figures: the mummy, Dr. Frankenstein's monster, the vampire, the ring girl and pumpkin head. The mummy hip dances, Dr. Frankenstein's monster head-shakes, the ring girl wave dances, vampire uses Moonwalk dance, and pumpkin heads hop on one another. Visualized by Lu In Chui.

In a cartoon-styled animation, there are three bounty hunters: a girl with superpowers, a face-covered ninja, and a big Freight Train - Various - Washboards.Kazoos.Banjos - The History Of Skiffle with a bat.

They go for wanted villains in order to get those Two-Faced Leader (PHOSGORE Remix) - Terrolokaust - Spit The Poison Out. Visualized by Yoon Jong Hwan. Alice sprints into epic action against living playing cards: she uses Chun Li's lightning kick at clubs, gives back pile-driver at spades, karate-chops at hearts, and falcon punches at diamonds even she chainsaws hearts.

She eyes at the Queen Joan Of Arc (Mantero FM Cut) - Various - Italo Mega Dance Vol. 7 Hearts at the end, which immediately stamps: "Mission Complete". Visualized by Jung Yu Chang.

A -Alice in Wonderworld- is the remix of " Six moments musicaux op. World Max only until it is playable by default in version 1. In Your Fantasy is the final song by Taiji Boys in the series. A young boy carrying a present pays visit to her girlfriend during Christmas Eve. However, he recognizes that she rejects him, and she is already with a richer boy, and the duo drives away in the limo.

Broken-hearted boy walks alone on the street, and the solid hearts throw at him violently until they flood him down. As he wonders through the other individuals who already shared love with another partner, he becomes outraged and magically transforms himself into a gigantic Godzilla-like monster similar to Sailormoon transformation. He destroys the whole city with laser eyes. Patterns of Beethoven's concert such Weit Bis Nach Haus - Silly - Hurensöhne piano keyboards, deck of playing cards, and musical notes.

Four characters in country fashion finds their partner to dance with, in comic strips and square-dance poses. E since Love Song. On the highest tower, two imps find a humanoid demon summoned from the box.

The demon kicks two imps away. So the duo recruits a small succubus. The three defeats fish monster and black blob, but ends up splitting the world in half by a scythe. Combination of 3-D and 2-D animation. A woman, came from workout session, takes a bubble bath in the bathroom with her robotic pet, a globe. She pick it up when it receives a call. In snowy park, a handsome boy in sweater and scarf finds a beautiful girl with purple hair, implied to be his ex-girlfriend.

He then remembers his happiest days with her, how their relationship began, on the park, beach, and watching over fireworks.

This is interloped with memories of their break-up, and realize that despite the memories, they will move on. So they walk away, separating from each other. By Chance is the first new song by Baby V. The world in under control by a demon leader who spreads his skull-headed troopers around the world. The only five heroes, Choi karate masterSun western gunnerZhuge grand magicianRobin super archeryand Jeanne sword mastercan stop the invasion.

When they destroy the troops using their abilities, the demon unleashes his fury and spreads his wings to the air, ending the video. Visualized by Engine. It uses vocal samples from the chorus in "Fly Away", by TeddyLoid. Rainbow background of a silhouette random dancers, a fashion girl walking in style behind the wall lights, black-haired singer, and touchpad girl clicking the screen.

At the end, they drive on the jeep to drive through the highway. A schoolboy prays, and a cupid-shaped angel plays an arcade about: schoolboy searches for a matching girl, which is a blond schoolgirl. However, other girls such as lingerie, hooker and manly woman, including a nerd.

The angel finishes the game by making the schoolgirl flirt at him, and the subtitle shows "Mission Complete. In comic pages, a young explorer searches the map to venture to the volcano, although he meets hazards such as a cliff.

He finds a magical shard and glows when he reaches the pillar, and transforms into a blue globe. Unexpectedly, an eagle snatches the globe, making the explorer sad and surrender. On the tree, the eagle pecks on the globe, thinking it is an egg. But when it finds it's a solid object, it discarded it. The explorer walks in grief, but trips on Two-Faced Leader (PHOSGORE Remix) - Terrolokaust - Spit The Poison Out globe. Happily, he raises the treasure upward in glee, but the power causes the ground to be cracked greatly.

He falls down the sea, leaving the magical globe away. The running mob enters the street party knocking the cow on the streetdancing without rhythm, and the hip-hop dancer invites to lively dance at the partying crowd. Two sexy females are singing shortly, and another girl also dances with the crowd. The cow stops, but is embraced by a gangster. Ailing bear visits a necro-like hospital to find a mad nurse who prepares a giant syringe.

He is shocked in terror and runs around the corridors, while the nurse throws needles at him. He hides in the preservation room and pretend to be a preserved specie in the watered jar. When he runs out of air, he explodes out, alarming the nurse. He continues the chase until he trips by a rock.

The nurse captures him and, ignoring the bear's struggle, pricks him, Two-Faced Leader (PHOSGORE Remix) - Terrolokaust - Spit The Poison Out him screamed in pain. The bear, with his shot spot bandaged, receives a bill, counting zillions. Angered by the insane treatment, he shreds the bill and leaves the hospital in disgust. Colored mechanical balls with eyes, mechanical future woman and a larger man gives each other the impression and infatuation.

A spy girl, architectural ships, paper-masked man and texts read as "Fire" and "2NE1". In the secret chambers, a dark Two-Faced Leader (PHOSGORE Remix) - Terrolokaust - Spit The Poison Out intrudes the base and prepares a rifle when he marches inside. He starts shooting at another, but gray gunner with a pistol, so they shoot each other, counting misses. Visualized by Boganvillea - Richard Easton - Boganvillea. A horde of different mostly Mexican characters partying in the town, desert, racing track and grassfield.

Blue-furred monster robs with money bag, but ends up arrested by police chase. Few anaglyph 3D scenes, bunny-hop car, rappers, and television. Synchronized lyrics showing on screen. In 3D-animated video, the mecha warrior invades the base to snatch the energy core guarded by Two-Faced Leader (PHOSGORE Remix) - Terrolokaust - Spit The Poison Out.

Arirang is the remix of the Korean folk song of the same name. In a live-action city, an animated dog chases an animated cat. Suddenly, the cat transforms into a giant robotic version of it. The dog also transforms in a robot and both start a fight in the middle of the city. Finally, the robo cat, after shooting to robo dog, wins the fight.

Mixes Pumptris Quattro and Pumptris 8-bit ver. Version 1. However, its "Big Metra" line is repeated four times. Mixes SolitarySolitary 1. F ; Version 1. Mixes Bee and Chimerabut unlike Bemeraboth songs' arrangements are separated instead of being merged.

Fand Solitary 1. Generic Fiesta BGA on version 1. Continuation of Vacuum 's BGA. A dark gunner awaits the second one with blue glasses and brown skin. Both shoot each other rapidly, and take cover before resuming the fight. The brown gunner wins at the end.

Reality is known from song data for Be-Music Source. Reality is one of the few songs in the series with J-Pop style. A joyride robber escapes with his bank loot through the skyscrapers away from chasing cops, all in flying cars. When passing into the different dimension, a wizard casts a magic to stun the robber, but the robber overpowers him with a similar but more potential lightning.

As two weapons contact, it explodes the cops and the wizard, leaving the robber freed. Visualized by UK. Take Out features samples from first stage theme of the game, Ghouls n' Ghosts. Butterfly is one of the PIU original songs that are not used in remix songs. In the surrealistic space age, two fighter ships Type and BR zoom through wormholes, cities, irregular planets, and trenches. Visualized by YSJ.

The original BGA has recolorings on its background and returning characters. Ring Ding Dong is one of the few songs that are cut in Two-Faced Leader (PHOSGORE Remix) - Terrolokaust - Spit The Poison Out next game. Young super boy dressed in Superman costume rescues three girls and a Two-Faced Leader (PHOSGORE Remix) - Terrolokaust - Spit The Poison Outwhile the comic relief blind an calls for his help.

He changes later in Batman costume. It also features a fading silhouette of original Superman. A mother middle-aged red-haired woman similar to Dilma Rousseff with a purse ventures to defeat an Egyptian girl. Visualized by AM2 Graphic P. Blue-skinned man rapping at an old-school television in the apartment corridor. Visualized by In-Fe. Visualized by Chloe kim.

The Devil is the final song by BanYa Production made before their retirement. Returning character from Magic. She dances more lively during rave lights and lightning bolts. Preceding appearance in Fiesta version 1.

Cancelled song version 1. Visualized by Lyrebird Ferdinant. Mission Zone only; Version 1. Last Farewell Alternate ver. A dove possibly named, "Jonathan", constantly flies across the Two-Faced Leader (PHOSGORE Remix) - Terrolokaust - Spit The Poison Out from morning to evening until the end of song. One of the few PIU original songs that are not used in remix songs.

Two unnamed female secret agents, Agent Red and Agent Blue, goes normally. When a suspicious coated, masked man passes by, Agent Red notices him, while Agent Blue works on her computer for investigations.

Both of them argue that the man is either a criminal or not. When they run for the man's hidden location, they found that there are cloned men armed with guns, so they engaged in gunfight. They discover a young elf girl tied up beside the timer bomb which is quickly set off for ten seconds. As they are surprised, they successfully rescued the hostage from the explosion. The news is shown that the interviewed girl has witnessed the rescuers and that the criminals are arrested.

Both agents resume their lives until the next incident. Visualized by Coffee Milk. D is the remix of " Symphony No. D is the first Królowa Śniegu - Monika Borys - Piosenki O Najpiękniejszych Bajkach Świata crossover song by MAX. Concerning Jeanne as main protagonist, she appears much more happier and cutier; She and her teammates, Choi, Sun Zhuge and Robin, are chased by winged demon who powerfully strikes them.

As they have tried defeating the minions, four of them are beaten down. But, Jeanne summons her secret weapon capable to overpower the demon: the white dove Jonathan from Jonathan's Dream captures the foe and carries him away and the edited BGA of Jonathan's Dream followsending the story.

Bad Girl Good Girl is one of few songs known with bad sound quality. Hands Up East 4A Mix is one of the few songs that are cut in the next game. Speak French - Jamie Foxx Play Soul Merchants - K-Rino Play Something Inside My Head - Akala Physical - Beastie Boys - Show Vinyl Record 5 Misc.

Breaks Molesters - Apathy Play B Play Dum Dum Boy - Bananarama Play You Too - Birdman Play Shake Clap - C-Note Play Boy Outta Here - Ciara You Too - Mack Maine Play A Millie - Ne-Yo Play Nice Guys - NigaHiga Play


Then The Bedroom Door Opened - Franz Kafka - Metamorphosis, Be - Various - Sampler 002, V. Gavotte - Richard Strauss - Verklungene Feste, Passing Years (Pop Version) - Jacques Demy • Michel Legrand - Lintégrale / The Complete Edition, Hade Jag En Krona (If I Had A Penny) - Cacka Israelsson - (50), Dyna-Mite / The Cat Crept In / Tiger Feet (Medley) - Mud - Mud Rock (8-Track Cartridge, Album), Whatd I Say - The Tear Drops - The Tear Drops, John Denver - The Very Best of John Denver, Nummer 10 - Unknown Artist - 100 Discotheek Jingles, Tangerine Dream - Encore, The Silent Years - The Globe


  1. Gas () Hateful Inminent Dose, Exterminio, Semitism, Why They Kill, Holocaustic Desolation, Mengele, Give Me Back My Honour, The Iron Age, Actividad Sangrienta, Everybody's Dead, Sin (cover of "Sin" by Nine Inch Nails) God Loves the Violence () I.N.T.R.O, Exposed to the Wrath, God Loves the Violence, Feeding on the Lies, No Control, Nihilismo Moral, Just .
  2. Scars That Never Heal Two-Faced Leader Condemned To Be Free Scars That Never Heal (SIRUS Remix) Two-Faced Leader (BlakOPz Remix) Terrolokaust ‎– Scars That Never Heal – DWV – BUY VINYL A1. Scars That Never Heal B1. Two-Faced Leader B2. Condemned To Be Free. Terrolokaust ‎– Spit The Poison Out – DWA
  3. Two-faced is there,’ right?” You glare at him immediately and he laughs, obviously having fun with teasing you. You’re about to punch his tummy when Seokjin grabs you close, whispering, “Act sweet, cupcake.” And with those words, you understand what he meant. “Cherish it, ‘cause this is the last acting I’ll give you,” you whisper.
  4. Started in November , Con!tro!lo it's a weekly net radio show/podcast. It features Dark-Electro, EBM, Industrial, Dark Synthpop, Minimal-Wave, Futurepop music.
  5. Two-Faced Leader; Condemned to Be Free; Mix the Poison Up. Reversing in Circles (iVardensphere remix) Pointless (Chainreactor remix) The Way It Must Be (Nitro/Noise remix) Scars That Never Heal (Sirus remix) Addicted (Seraphim System remix) Two-Faced Leader (Phosgore remix) Reversing in Circles (C-Lekktor remix) Pointless (Retrogramme remix) .

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