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Container Planting. Countryside Books, T. Publications, Neptune City, New Jersey, Lane Books, Menlo Park, fertilizer; available. Then cut slits in the plastic and insert plants.

Watering is the only major maintenance. One might lay a soaker hose on top of the medium and let Lucky Number - Various - New Wave Greats 1976-1983 run until water drains out the bottom. The top can be left open to take advantage of rain water, or covered with plastic or other CA, Kramer, Jack. Hanging Gardens.

Charles New York, McDonald, Elvin. Gardening in Containers. Pepper, Jane. Plant Containers You Can Make. Editors of Sunset Magazine. Lane Publishing Co. Try vegetable crops such as lettuce and spinach, and colorful annuals like impatiens and petunias, favorites at Chicago Botanic Garden.

Gardening aboveground not only saves space but can also Ten Years Of Afe (File) time and energy. Hanging baskets and containers can easily be changed with the seasons and plants spotlighted and appreciated more than if they are grown in large, earth-bound beds.

The Complete Guide to Water Gardening. Yang, Linda. Taloumis, George. Container Gardening Outdoors. Suggested Reading Container Gardening, Plants Johns, Leslie. Plants in Tubs. Van Nostrand-Reinhold Co. I think of flue tiles as big terra-cotta pots without bottoms. In one afternoon it is possible to create a large, fast-draining, raised garden of loamy soil planted and ready for watering.

Probably the best thing about Window, Window - The Beatles - Thirty Days tiles is that they enclose. Fixing a readily discernable boundary between my growing areas and the rest of the soil in the world makes all therefore 13" more durable. X 17 "X 12" A tile that is weighs about thirty pounds, awkward but portable for most gardeners.

The various — sizes and shapes make possi- many patterns. Oval tiles, for instance, will smoothly follow a curve. Any shape can ble line a walk or edge a stair, be clustered or used alone, or can hold up a smallish mound 46 of soil. I could even concrete pad or on a waterproofed rooftop. Now grow carrots, long straight unbumpy ones. Single pots are safeguarding my feasible to lilies from inadvertent shovel-slicing and ac- cidental foot-trodding, as well as giving them ideal drainage.

I planted a small tree in one of the larger tiles and added a campanula spill to soften the edge. Edges in my garden can get murky pretty fast as weeds appear seemingly hourly. Schery demand for maintenance on the average American property is the mowings? Four fertilizations? Innumerable waterings? Chinchbug control? Sod webworms? Helminthosporium leaf spot? Volleyball blight? This handbook is studded with suggestions for eliminating all or part of that troublesome grass, but the law habit is hard to break.

How many turf, this article will help ease the pain. Find experts with knowledge of the latest turf information extension and university personnel, seed companies and experienced and successful cultivars, Low maintenance of a lawn should involve of options, not complete neglect.

Absolutely no fertilization, for example, may so favor the weeds compared to the ious situations. So, when reasonable dowry planting a lawn, provide a in Not much can be done once a lawn is for the root slightly zone — and than an inch mowed and blue- tall, and perennial ryegrasses 1 Vi low-growing cultivars lower mowing quite well.

Renovation, which includes surface sowing, is possible but has less likelihood of com- like the plete success. In this method, the soil is powered equipment power rakes, turf thinners which slices through the old turf layer and slightly into the ground, making a seedbed of sorts.

Renovation is generally more successful if the old vegeta- of scored other species during drought they often can tion mowed with is first killed chemically.

But whether by hand or machine, sowing half the seed in one direc- and the other half assures light, against at a Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 vacant readily — loosely-woven burlap, stringy sphagnum or Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 contrac- — helps Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 the planting off to a fast start.

The Ten Years Of Afe (File) economical Theres A Catch - Big Steel - Welcome To My World control is earthworms. Where earthworms are eliminated, as when certain pesticides are used Such mulches break down quickly. Unless the soil is fluffy, the new planting probably need not be rolled. Rain or watering settles the soil adequately, after which oc- persistently, thatch usually worsens.

If the situation turns so serious that fertilizer, seed and even water cannot easily penetrate to the root zone, mechanical thatch removal provides temporary relief. Ten Years Of Afe (File) this the power machines earlier Rage Hard - Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Bang!.The Greatest Hits Of Frankie Goes To Hollywood to do an effective job with a minimum of bother, though thatch diminution will be only temporary unless the causes for its formation are corrected.

The duff produced by de-thatching can be swept up for the compost heap or for casional light sprinklings, perhaps daily in dry weather, should suffice to bring up the seedlings.

With plenty of moisture and warm ground, in August or September, new grass should be visible within two of three weeks. Sod, biscuits of sod plugsor fragmented stems sprigs are widely used to start lawns in the South. Soil preparation should be as thorough as for seeding.

Plant at once so the live grass does not dry out After firming into place by rolling a newly-laid sod or pressing plugs and sprigs with the foot, keep the planting moist. Within six weeks new sod should be well rooted. Heavily-used turf, and lawns on which readily compact, might be Ten Years Of Afe (File) is accomplished with machines that remove pencillike cores of soil. Spiking devices that merely press into Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 ground may actually compact the soil more, rather than aerate it.

Watering is necessary if you are to have any lawn at all in the arid Plains and the Southwest. In more humid parts of the country, watering, more a luxury than a necessity, keeps lawns from becoming seasonally scorched when weather is dry. Watering can be overdone, resulting in shallow rooting and encouraging soil compaction and introsoils benefitted by aeration.

This Later Care Mowing. Before young grass reaches twice be its customary clipping height, mowing should begin. It ought to be frequent enough so that never more than half of the green leaf is lost at any one clipping; grass that has grown lanky has most of its green what in decay and disappear, so collecting clippings protective covering provided by straw, a commercial tors Mulch days are usually enough for the Rather, succulent leaf tips cut off angle better spots.

Luxuriant lawns produce an abundance of growth not always matched by decay of spent tissue. The resulting buildup of debris at the base of the sod is called thatch. Contrary to the general impression, lawn clippings add very little to the thatch. A tion like bluegrass. Low-cut bentgrasses and Bermudas may have to be mowed twice weekly but intervals Ten Years Of Afe (File) food-making tissues at the top of the leaf blade and suffers a breakdown of production if suddenly trimmed to stubble.

Choose suitable grass type s. Consult local authorities. If you need to apply pesticides, do so at the proper time to avoid wasted effort. Mow high, mow regularly, leave clippings. Reshape shrub, groundcover and flower beds to eliminate acute angles in the turf pattern.

Keep low branches trimmed from trees; they are especially bothersome and dangerous for persons on riding mowers. Contract for a person with a mower to cut your grass to avoid equipment maintenance. Poa an- selective Ten Years Of Afe (File) may be needed when the grass shows signs of wilting Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 when it turns bluish or shows footprints for more than a few minutes.

Irrigation will keep a lawn luxurious, but in Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 instances a lawn can turn dormant from drought without permanent damage.

Modern turfgrass should be fertilized at least moderately in order to take advantage of the Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 qualities bred into them.

Bluegrass lawns should receive at least Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 pounds of nitrogen N per 1, square feet annually, most of it in autumn. Fertilizers formulated for lawns are rich in nitrogen, often with a ratio of about 5 parts N to 1 part phosphorus P to 2 or 3 parts potassium K.

About the best that can be recommended if your lawn is attacked by chinchbugs, sod webworms, billbugs and similar kinds that damage the above-ground parts, is to treat according to label recommendations with one of the available biodegradable insecticides. Most of the time, lawns outlast insect attack and recover even without restricted for treatment. Disease control. Use visual evaluation and periodic soil tests to determine whether your fertilization program is adequate.

Rather, the turf must be killed back with for insect limitations similar to those control. Halting diseases effec- tively with fungicides ficult is complicated and dif- — really a job for the professional.

Changes in weather frequently put a stop which in any event may have run course by the time it is very noticeable to managed lawns will occasionally experience weed invasion or insect or disease attack. Weeds are to disease, probably the most ubiquitous nuisance. Fortunately, a number of excellent weeding aids are now available.

Consult an extension agent or other knowledgeable local people about those suitable for your conditions. Lawn service. Most of Ten Years Of Afe (File) lawn services take care of lawn fertilization and certain types of pest control sometimes beyond the control. Even the best its the home tolerant real 50 gardener.

Planting with disease- cultivars needs of the lawnbut leave expensive Crockett, James mowing to the property owner. Sometimes when maintenance or a specific problem is too much to handle it is wise to hire experts. Lawns and Covers. Time-Life Books. A Lawns and Ground Covers.

Cliffs, Voykin, Paul N. A Perfect Lawn the Easy Way. Your Make W. Lawn Englewood York. The bi-level house, tucked sively as possible. We wanted into a hillside, to keep our nature sanctuary. In spring the ground freshing green world, in autumn it is was designed to fit into the woods as unobtruof mature beech-maple woods as a little six acres carpeted with wildflowers. In has a golden ambience, and in summer winter it it is is a cool restark and dramatic.

Birds are a year-round delight. Patios, decks and sturdy timber steps extend the Foreground - Various - A Song A Day Keeps The Pain Away (File) into the woods and verdant beds of woodruff and lamium form transitional areas.

Ferns, transplanted from other places in the woods, keynote the entrance to the driveway, the front door and the beginning of woodland trails. Several flowering dogwood trees planted near the house supplement Jungle Beat - CDC - Defy The Odds few native flowering dogwoods growing in the woods.

Rhododendrons, mahonia and pieris by the front of the house and hemlocks along the lot line give winter color. Mostly, though, we have resisted the myrtle, pachysandra, sweet temptation to embellish. Beds of flowers and vegetables would be out of character and are precluded by the dense shade. In a sunny spot along the roadside at the edge of the woods, however, the flowers have a country-garden exuberance that contrasts pleasantly with the woods.

The major chore is removing autumn leaves from the decks, patio and long driveway. The major problem has been falling trees and branches. The woods are old and many trees have come down. We remove those close to the house, cutting them for firewood, but leave those further away.

They give the woods a natural appearance rather than the parklike look it once had. All in all, though, our natural woodland landscaping has been easy to live with, requiring very little maintenance no lawn mowing, no weeding, no Ten Years Of Afe (File) control and it has provided a beautiful setting for our home.

It has proved to be an excellent alternative to conventional — — landscaping, 51 Sweet woodruff Galium odoratum Lawn a diminishing return? Not only serviceable and perennials, serves as the traditional American lawn on relatively accessible areas. Vines, prostrate and stoloniferous plants, price in the present For covers. Just as important is plant selection for hardiness, sun or shade preference, water To help in weed control during the establishment period, use a mulch.

Mulch is applied before planting herbaceous ground- harmony with covers; the rest of the landscape. Species suitable in invasive or puny some may in more than two easy to pull mulch back from a and replace mulched after planting. Shrubs with larger spacings are effectively authorities. Below, European wild ginger Asarum europaeum does well in shady areas.

The evergreen leaves are very glossy and handsome. It does well in moist northern situations. Horticultural Data Processors, Box controlled with proper application of ap- propriate herbicides. Wyman, Donald.

Ground Cover Plants. The Macmillan Company, New York, groundcover. Atkinson, Robert E. The Complete Book of Groundcovers. In other words, the composition of most communities, unless controlled, constantly changes; and in gardening it is often for the worse. If weeding is a problem in conventional gardening, it can be a much bigger problem in natural landscaping if the desirable plants are unable to resist succession i.

This is why prairies are so desirable. In much of the nation they are the natural vegetation and can be maintained natural resource maintenance gardening. Many prairie species are excellent Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 perennials which require a minimum of care. In either case they can form a stable, ornamental and once established minimalmaintenance garden community. And they can be grown throughout most of the country, not just where prairies appear naturally.

Unfortunately most plant communities are ing. In it is thrown every species of prairie plant the gardener can find, or it can be re- called a prairie patch. This patch stricted to the species native to the area. Grasses sway in the breeze and brightly colored flowers decorate the planting from spring to Golden late fall. Stable communities bluestem grass Andropogon scopariusone of the grasses that can be used can be when sity Little establishing a prairie set up using as few as two, but prefera- Such limited bly three or four, species.

Although hardly a tool the average suburban homeowner can use, it is used safely and wide variety of situations in prairie restorations and could be adapted to some landscape uses.

Where Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 is not easily in a very feasible, severe mowing in late summer or early fall to avoid nesting birds can serve the purpose. It performs as an ornamental display and as low cover for birds approaching the feeder. Little bluestem grass Andropogon scoparius is used to form the foundation of the planting. One-year-old seedlings were transplanted at spaces about 1 foot apart over the entire forty by ten foot area.

Interspersed among the little bluestem is dense blazing star Liatris spicata which gives a brilliant flowering show during much of July.

Other plants could be introduced such as prairie petunia Ruellia humilus for August flowers and New England aster Aster compatible plants.

But most importantly, from a management point of view, prairies thrive on fire. With their deep root systems proper can hinder the acceptance of prairies in landscap- novae-angliae for brilliant blue Most homeowners think the traditional lawn of turf grass is essential, and while turf Even without the additions the effect provided by the relatively unhindered little bluestem is very effective through most of the year, especially in the autumn and winter.

A make water too It an area like Fort Collins, Colorado, for example, would make an acceptable, even excellent lawn without the cost and waste of esPittsburgh, planting could be used to Ten Years Of Afe (File) area such as complement a turf maintenance turns a red to orange in the Decorative stems stand upright throughout most of the winter, often retaining fuzzy flower parts. Grassy clumps discourage weed growth. Little bluestem is only one of the many ornamental grasses available to the prairie a well-placed tallgrass prairie grass lawn while reducing tall, flowers.

Burt Bacharach - The Very Best Of Burt Bacharach stands three-plus feet autumn color and fades short-grass prairie fall gardener.

Prairie in proportion to the size of the planting. Prairie Plants of the Chicago Region. Morton Arboretum, Lisle, Illi- Bouteloua curtipendula are some of the ornamental grasses ranging in heights from about six inches to four feet. Big bluestem Anclropogon gerardiiIndian grass Sorghastrum avenaceumpanic grass Panicum virgatum and for wet sites cord grass grass nois.

Lynn Entine. Prairie Primer. University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin. Flowering plants are numerous and varied. Gentians, System, Wisconsin. Robert, and Beatrice S. University of Wisconsin Press, Madison, Wisconsin. In constructed prairie communities a dense planting is necessary in order to prevent weed encroachment. A word of warning; establishment may be a problem if the sown Rodale Press, Emmaus, Pennsylvania.

Prairie seedlings are slower growing than their aggressive woody and herbaceous competitors, so careful weeding is necessary for one or more years to keep the site presentable while planting is directly Applewood Seed Co. Box 64 and they are much less expensive than plants, they can be grown in a Rockton, temporary nursery in easy-to-weed rows.

After one or two years the young plants can Prairie Associates Piping Rock Road Madison, Wisconsin Yesterday When I Was Handsome (Non LP Track) - Karas Flowers - Soap Disco seeds are used, be transplanted into the new garden. Prairie Another way of looking at these constructed prairie communities is to compare them to ground covers.

Horeb, Wisconsin Prairie RR prairie garden, a bluestem can have one or more species of plants added to it to provide color in the spring, other species can be added to provide different species such colors in the species can be as little Andrea (99) - Outlines, and added for fall still Seed Source of Iowa, Inc. Beatty all landscaping materials, is the least expensive to install but the most expensive and time-consuming to maintain.

As lawn substitutes consider wildflowers and naturalized Grass, of exotics See the accompanying Since the late 70s overturned in when chart, p. Adaptation of wildflowers and naturalized exotics to local conditions reduces the need for water and chemicals. Mowing and other maintenance are virtually eliminated except to control woody plant invasion. However, until they are established, wildflowers and naturalized exotics need as much Ten Years Of Afe (File) and attention as any other plants.

They are an option, not a panacea. Seeds and plants are available in increasing numbers from a variety of commercial sources. For local information check with state and local native plant and wildflower groups, soil conservation service, and cooperative extension.

Taloumis George Purple gayfeather Liatris spicata and Return To The Star - Konami Kukeiha Club - Gradius Arcade Soundtrack yellow black-eyed Susan Rudbeckia hirta are good color and 59 texture foils.

NatureScape Wildflower Guide. Condensed from NatureScape, September permission. Reprinted with Taloumis George by Photos At top, seaside goldenrod Sotidago sempervirens will also grow well in garden soil with very sharp drainage.

Below, the evening primrose Oenothera fruticosa with its goldencupped Flowers, is a typical example of the genus. Local Native Plant Sources, Free Watch just new highways, shopping centers, strip should be easy to obtain permission to collect native and naturalized plants for areas slated for the bulldozer, such as sites of mines, housing.

It ahead of the progress. Home gardeners find that mulching is the easiest way C51 (C53 Mix) - Hecker - 2 Track 12 lick weeds, save time Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 water, and reduce wear and tear on the back. When you mulch, you borrow a tip from nature. Covering the soil with mulch reduces temperature fluctuation. A summer mulch hoards moisture and inhibits weeds.

Mulches are a great labor-saving, economical means of growing better plants. Once hooked on Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005, gardeners wonder how anyone can grow outdoor plants without a mulch of some sort. However, excessive amounts of or- nent landscape use. Also the best things to energy crunch and never is wood on texture, touching the This not only makes a good mulch, but checks aphids and thus reduces certain diseases spread by aphids.

How it repels aphids is not understood, but it is befoil. Bark shredded or chipped. Waste mateof various particle sizes from lumber and paper industries makes a fine mulch. As a mulch and upon decomposition, bark has a rich, dark appearance. Buckwheat hulls. These are light, clean and do not mat.

They decay slowly, but as they do they add humus. Cocoa-bean shells: This attractive mulch contains 3 percent nitrogen and 2 percent potash. It has a rich chocolate odor which dissipates in a week. Ideal for rose beds, flower beds Dievs - U.K. - K.U. around trees or shrubs. May develop a harmless white mold which may be avoided by mixing them with sawdust in a 3-to-l ratio.

Coffee grounds. Valuable as a soil conditioner and mulch, although low in nutrients 2 percent nitrogen, 0. They are slightly acid, making them valuable around azaleas, rhododendrons and other acidrial chips, cause periodic shortages of nitrogen manifested by yellowing and stunting of can be prevented or corrected by adding fertilizer containing nitrogen.

This high mounding can foster the growth of stem and trunk cankers, encourage Topsy - Count Basie - Golden Greats and may even restrict the diameter growth.

Too heavy a mulch can cause fermentation; plants. This formation of alcohol. In fact, alin any decomposing organic materials under anaerobic without oxygen conditions. Alcohol in excess can be death to plants. To prevent it from forming, do not apply mulch thicker than four inches, preferthe result directly Types of Mulches Aluminum peat moss, and others, used year after year, may mulch stems of plants; leave a small depression around the trunks or stems for air.

Ground corn cobs. River-smoothed stones used as a mulch-groundcover around broad-leaved evergreens contrast well with the dark leaves. Most leaves oak leaves are an exception make a poor mulch because they pack down and prevent escape of moisture.

They work best if shredded first, and are ideal if partially composted prior to use. A cheap, effective, readilyavailable mulch. Use four or five thicknesses of unfolded sheets, or shred or tear sheets into a fine aggregate which can be put readily around trees and shrubs and in borders.

Paper mulch can be covered with soil, peat, sawdust or other similar material. You can bury shredded papers with the family garbage in a plastic compost can in your garage. Some people worry about the ink being toxic to crops or soil. The Ten Years Of Afe (File) ink, a mixture of carbon or lampblack in a mineral oil base, contains beneficial trace elements, but Salt hay used as a mulch for strawberries.

Use in rose mercury and cadmium. Plastic mulch. Black polyethylene makes a fine summer mulch, hastening maturity, conserving moisture and controlling weeds. Welcome, Guest. Rage In Eden Fate Various Barcelona - 26 September Limited to hand-numbered copies in Amaray CD safe case with insert. Eliot Track 10 is not credited on the sleeve, but it's most likely "Miniatura Ten Years Of Afe (File). Recorded between May and June in Zielona Gora. Elliot's poetry "The waste land".

This Ten Years Of Afe (File) combine the darkest side of what we can call traditional symphonic industrial style With the addtion of Ten Years Of Afe (File) folkish and liturgical elements from eastern part of Europe, this release presents a very serious and impressive opus in a nihilistic way In the past Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 years I have been steadily producing a body of new work.

Their music is a mixture of industrial elements, digital sequences and analogic sounds that could be best desribed as cold-electronics. Their own website is on-line at: www. Dopo la stesura delle prime idee, i brani che ne scaturiscono sono una miscela di deep house, click'n'cuts ed electro con una vaga atmosfera psichedelica The Eclectic Bedroom website is available at: www.

In addition, the project has been featured on about a Ten Years Of Afe (File) compilations, been involved in film music, and performed live in a semi-consistent manner. The list of contributors is fairly malleable, as are the sound sources, encompassing everything from analog synths, to field recordings, to old rock demos.

Eniac is a human — electronic musical project by Fabio Battistettistarted in as lo-fi experimentation, as a research in the well-known samples with the purpose of trasforming distorsions and re-elaborate it, a technique that eniac describes as:"something new Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 something that isn't". Essentially, it is a means of express our inner-selves, and to research what is known to re-evaluate old ways of thinking and feeling, in favour of new concepts.

The project has evolved to a more concrete and musical structure, and today is Ten Years Of Afe (File) constantly evolving set of electro music, from melodic glitch to the explosion of rhythms. Eniac 's website is available at: Ten Years Of Afe (File). Esa is the moniker chosen by Luigi Turra for his artistic activities: graphic design, photography, music and mixed-media. Since yearusing electronic equipment, he pointed his research research toward a modern estetic of minimal reduction.

His interest for the multidisciplinary dimension of art comunication - of which Esa is a programmatic expression Ten Years Of Afe (File) brings him to create different levels of digital composition, where the result is an artwork "in transit", from the sound to the image, from the physical space to the virtuality of the web. More info about him are available at: www. Eto Ami: 2 Pieces [This is a special contribute, please click on the little yellow square to open it in a pop-up window].

The duo of Dean King and Tomas Phillips came together as Eto Ami in with the mere intention of exploring a shared aesthetic. This partnership soon developed a trajectory of its own, however, compelling Ten Years Of Afe (File) to push the compositional process towards further Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 of refinement and performative dexterity.

What this continues to mean for us is the achievement of a balance between digital and non-digital sound and a functional recognition of their differences in terms of utility and signification.

Whilst computer technology remains central to our work, we make an effort to locate composition within a space of physicality, a space in which the composing subject s is allowed to "become," in the language of Deleuzealongside the relative self-sufficiency of software.

Ten Years Of Afe (File) our use of acoustic instrumentation and field recordings gathered on the periphery of laptops. By extension, we seek to foreground the act of Ten Years Of Afe (File) as composers and audience alike in the slowly evolving tradition of microsound, without precluding the possibility of active and engaged harmony.

Implicit in our Taggin & Braggin - Sylk 130 - When The Funk Hits The Fan, then, is the notion that melodiousness does not necessarily imply a Im In Love Again - The Animals - The Best Of The Animals territorialization.

They recorded only one song in It's an ugly song called " The Biggest European Cemetery " Afe released his " Post Modern Sound Images " as afelcd. He has also worked with artist Todd Bracik to create music and sculpture installations at the Harrison Center for the Arts in December of and March of Currently he is living in Seattle, where he has recently received commissions from the View Ridge Elementary Chamber Strings, and the Northwest Girlchoir.

You can reach Ten Years Of Afe (File) at: fallenmoonflower hotmail. Existential Dilemma coagulated into a musical entity over the span of about three years, finally churning out sounds at shows in Over the course of its four year lifespan, Existential Dilemma cycled through 12 members, played 45 shows in the mid western United States, and created five releases.

The music of Existential Dilemma was diverse in content and structure, ranging from austere doom-metal lamentations to ethereal ambient improvisations and post-rock interludes. Though there was no consistent conceptual goal of the band, a reoccurring theme was an interest in creating subjective music. To that end, lyrics were never distinguishable and songs were never "about" anything, allowing the listeners to assign their own meaning. Existential Dilemma disbanded in May of and is currently planning two post-humus releases.

This currently unreleased song titled " Ariadne " will appear on one of them. For more info please visit www. To celebrate my 16th birthday one of my richest uncles I've got many of them, but they are all poor, mostly gifted me with a Powerbook. I was deeply into heavy metal and rave dancing back then, so the only thing I did with the new computer was Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 the internet for heavy metal websites and news about illegal raves held in my hometown, which is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Shortly after that i started my new job as a fashion model, which luckily made me rich Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 to travel all around the world and meet a lot of funny people. In the december of the year I was in London for some fashion work for a international magazine, and with my newly-made english boyfriend for that weekend we went to a club where the DJ spinned a lot of bootlegs and bastard tracks.

It was like a thunder Ten Years Of Afe (File) me!!!! And now I knew what to do with my Powerbook! I started learning how to do dance music with the computer, it took a little months but then I was ready for it.

By browsing the Internet I could meet a lot of people music and interesting communities on-line. Also I met Janet Monteiro at a Monsters of Rock and we got alongside brilliantly and I teached the computer music to her!

Since we get bored to do the same things always, we thought of using some of our online friends music, that is experimental music and not dance friendly at all, to mix with some pop successs to see what will come out. The name we use "Fainting and hell-o! Thanks to you all and lot of kisses!!! From the age of 16, FC has recorded music on the go, following classical and contemporary music as it was played in castles, churches, cathedrals and woods. With a friend of his, in year he founded a little sound recording house and record label devoted to indipendent and rare music productions www.

As any other composer fond of dronecore music - music that goes to the core of sound- also FC likes creating "soundscapes" where drones, and sounds as they are Подруга Друга - Various - Рок-Погружение and nothing else - are the protagonists.

His website is available at: fcabitza. Fear Falls Burning - vidnaObmana 's alter ego is dedicated to the expansive tonal character of the electric guitar. This album contains real-time performances on Ten Years Of Afe (File) electric guitar and vintage and contemporary guitar pedal effects, without post-production editing or additional overdubs. Through the unique wiring of these guitar pedal effects, its single performed guitarchord multiplies and shifts over time into dense and trance-inducing walls of sound.

Due to an ongoing fascination for tube and old transitor radio-like mono sounds, the electric guitar is performed in such a way that the music sounds deliberately old and monotonous. All clicks, Hey Paula (Gimme One More Dance) - Albert West - A Part Of Me and cracks are part of the real-time performance, delving into that fine Ten Years Of Afe (File) line where lo-fi, instrumental post-rock, avant-garde, experimental and industrial meet Fear Falls Burning website is available at: www.

Nato nelsuona sax tenore e soprano, clarinetto basso e campionatori. Sempre interessato verso le forme artistiche espressive e dedite alla ricerca, ha fatto parte del Cervello a sonagliCirc. Ha iniziato la sua avventura musicale con il gruppo di avanguardia-rock Dura Figura.

Luca Bergero was born in Italy in If his electronic engineering studies helped his meeting with algorhytmic composition, at the same time they gave way to his crisis for Ten Years Of Afe (File) music Ten Years Of Afe (File) him to the concrete sound.

His constant doubt, the desire to bring back art to the state of an unconditioned Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005, finally back in man's hands-and the necessity for development contribute to a Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 creation balanced between opposite sound sources.

In his lowercase work " Vetri di carta " was produced by S'agita Recordings. Florian Filsinger describes his music as a mix of depressive ambient breakbeat with an idea of four to the floor. He The Lark - Balakirev*, Alexander Paley - Piano Music (Complete) music by TarkatakK.

ChicoTobi KirschB. AnalogMindmapBaradelan and others. Along with his brother, he runs the netlabel Politicide. An extended version of his biography is available on his personal page in the " artists " section of this website. You can visit dawn (dawn music berlin) - Start Up website at: www. Flossy the Fishmonger: Flossy the Fishmonger EP [This is a special contribute, please click on the little yellow square to open it in a pop-up window].

Real name: Jiri Flosman Ten Years Of Afe (File) of birth: Flossy 's website is available at: www. In over twenty years of enigmatic activities and more than seven albums recorded for respected Italian and international labels, the band has become a legend on its own terms, refusing to follow trends while proving to be well versed in the most disparate musical idioms, from luscious trance-ambient Poll - The Monkees - Head monumental sci-fi soundtracks, from conceptual noise to neo-prog chamber music, from techno-glitch to situ-plagiarist lounge.

An unofficial website is available at: homepage. I came nearer to this artistic proposal during teens, lightened by John Cage's practices for piano instrument now I play since 24 yearsbut what brought me to try this expressive path was the listening of some works from the Schaeffer's Concrete Music circle and some of my always favoured acts like T.

Since at that time during the first years of 90's I didn't have a PC, I made the first raw recordings on a simple analogic multitracker, without the courage to spread my stuff in a mind-closed scene like the Italian one, saved only by a few persons Ten Years Of Afe (File) unluckily at that time I didn't know yet.

A lot of those tapes are actually lost, erased or never finished, but I'm still working on their meticulous restoration. Around the middle of the 90's I began to also appreciate the more extreme experimentations from the Nipponic Noise scene and I enriched my production of what I called "noise-conceptualizations" with intended low-fi and frequencies-saturation works later on I knew the term "power-electronics", I presume fit.

About 10 years after my first experimentations I felt the need to spread some of my latest works signed as F. Mennella The F. Frammenti are spreading their mixture of emo-radical-romantic-experimental music from Turin, Italy, since He has been active and prolific within the scottish scene since Mouthmoth Dievs - U.K.

- K.U., his own small record label, is surely the best in Scotland for weird and oblique electronic music. Frog Pocket 's music is truly personal and innovative, and with the passing of time his unique " broken beats " technique has reached the state of the art.

John defines his music as " splatterbeat folk ". He was featured on afeboxafelcd and afe He recently had his music released by labels such as Benbecula and Planet Mu. The Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 Records website is on-line at: www. Don't forget to take a visit to: www. Gerstein was born in fall as a personal music project of Maurizio Pustianaz.

Since then he has moved between solo melancholic piano ballads, experimental harsh sounds, synth-guitar powerful extravaganza before approaching his electronic semi-melodic style in the latest years. He was featured on afebox and afecd. Born inDaniela Gherardi actually lives in Rome. Passionate of music and piano since she was very Questa Mattina Mi Sono Alzato (Voci Maschili - Martano 1955) - Various - Folklore Musicale Italiano, in starts to play electronic keyboards, and in early 90's starts to realize and record ambient-electronic compositions that in will be collected in the self-produced MC titled " Passages ".

In the following years she stopped composition activity, and starts to collaborate with Giuseppe Verticchioconsolidating and extending during the time her rule of collaborator, becaming integrant and essential part of Nimh 's project, the moniker used by Giuseppe Verticchio since to sign his musical productions.

The collaboration still continues, and Verticchio gave his technical support for recording of this new version Ten Years Of Afe (File) " Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 II ", a track originally released on the overmentioned MC, and now exceptionally Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 and and re-proposed for Afe Records decennary. Giordani, Carlo: Le voci degli alberi [This is a special contribute, please click on the little yellow square to open it in a pop-up window] Giordani, Carlo: Talmassons [This is a special contribute, please click on the little yellow square to open it in a pop-up window].

Carlo Giordani is an electronic engineer working in Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 field of the Information and Communications Technology.

Besides his technical training, he has been interested in photography and sound since He looks to extract from everyday life, unexpected and quaint sounds, to produce emotions from the construction of a sonorous landscape that is behind the everyday hidden sounds which we are conditioned to ignore These are some links related to him: johnroach.

Glitch is Yves Jan from France. A Glitch page is available at: www. Nikita Golyshev is a young, but rather well-known electronic experimentalist from Moscow. He started his experiments with noise in with the CD-R project. He perfomed many live shows and released 6 albums. He recently quitted harsh and digital noise and started to develop his own conception of " architectural music " - clear sound almost without FX processingclear composition combined with laconic harmony laws. The idea of " music for the head " is shown as an interesting combination of concrete music elements and meditave minimal noise.

Pawel Grabowski : musician, fascinated with silence and monotonous music. Works mainly with electroacoustic sounds. Founder of on-line mp3 label Silence Is Come On Ring Those Bells - The Wissmann Family - Christmas Empty. More info are available at: www.

Believe me It can. The Griefer website is available at: deterrent. Before Take Back - Motomorph - The Ride, I used to play bass in rock bands and to DJ at raves.

Since Ten Years Of Afe (File) other releases have been made available by other labels. Guignol Dangereux loves cats, dogs, beer and kitesurfing. Gydja, an Old Norse word for " priestess ", was adopted as a musical name by Abby Helasdottir inwith the aim of creating music that could be used for magickal and shamanic purposes.

Some of the earliest ideas involved using field recordings, and basing whole pieces on these sounds in a largely Ten Years Of Afe (File) way. This is still a concern of Gydjabut with more emphasis now being placed on abstracting these sounds so that, whilst they retain a sense of their original source, they become something else entirely. The current style of Gydja differs from the initial intentions of the project, with music of both a mundane and magickal nature being created.

And whilst the music is usually linear and could be defined as a soundscape, it is also not necessarily always dark ambient in style, embracing electro-acoustic and experimental techniques. Works designed specifically for magickal use sit alongside Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 of sound for sound's sake; and in a third tier, some exploration of sound contain magickal themes, even if there is no practical magickal application intended Abby contributed to afebox under the Xindur X moniker, more informations about her music works are available on her beautiful website : www.

H2S is Fabio Degiorg i's solo experimental project. Earliest H2S songs were recorded in and showcase a space-psychedelic-new wave sound similar to Chrome 's first album. The hardly industrial influences H2S first release was out in as a split with Cassetta Dinamica a side-project by Bugo and Fabio.

Based in London and dedicated to a punk ethos of " Does it really need to be cleaned up? Any sounds that can be caught are often put in the Hay pot and seasoned according to taste. Any machines that can speak are also welcomed Hard Hearted Hannah (The Vamp From Savannah) - Jim Croce - Facets the pot where they are encouraged to fulfil their sonic dreams.

The main means of distribution for Hay music is donation via the London Underground system - remember always check your seat as you could be the lucky recipient of a new Hay EP. Or if you can't wait for fate to find you, you could always e-mail hayspace yahoo. Hats off, and nods towards Mr. Raczynski and Mr. Oswald for keeping it 20 Seas 4 Oceans - I Am Ampersand* - 20 Seas 4 Oceans. You can visit the Hikobusha website here: www.

Hopen is a sound project devoted to experimentation using sampling, noises, voices and loops for a destructured electroacoustic music He had releases on Plak-Records Close To Me (Closer Mix) - The Cure - Songs From A New Album • Mixed Up, Adozen.

Horiko 's website is available at: www. Horchata: Three works [This is a special contribute, please click on the little yellow squares to open it in a pop-up window] Ficus Myxomyxota Picea.

Horchata is the name used Resilient Little Muscle - Solar Race - Resilient Little Muscle Michael Palace for his electronic music compositions. His music focuses on four major elements: complex beat music, dark ambient soundscapes, programmed compositional glitch music, and field recordings.

Often a composition will include several of these elements. His work there focuses on necromass or dead wood in Amazonia. During his numerous field visits to the rainforest, he has recorded sounds using various microphones and minidisk recorders.

Modification of many computer simulations have yielded some interesting sound generating and compositional programs which are featured in newer recordings by Palace. Finally, video and images have begun to feature more in Palace 's live performances, using video that was shot in Amazonia and generated by computer programs.

Horchata' s website is available at www. Horologium has been active since The project is conducted by Grzegorz Siedlecki who perceives it as sort of a time machine - a sonic vehicle that allows you to travel "elsewhere" Horologium 's website is available at: www. John Hudak has been interested in sound and music from the age of four when he began to play a variety of instruments. He then began to create taped soundtracks for his solo performance art pieces.

In recent years, he has concentrated on sound, particularly natural sounds. Hudak 's current sound work focuses on the minimalism and repetition of sounds below the usual threshold of hearing, sounds that are filtered out or considered non-musical.

These Ten Years Of Afe (File) are recorded, deconstructed and processed, their rhythms and textures being the basis for aural manipulations. This bio is taken from his personal website available at: www. The Impossible Flower is Andrew Daly from Scotland, he appeared on Ten Years Of Afe (File)afelcd and afelcd. His own website is available at: www. Mastered at Plasmaland. Studio of Composition: The 4-track Ceiling. Hardware Used: Instruments: electric guitar, polycheap keyboard rhythm pre-sets.

Sources manually and electronically manipulated via violin bow, processors, cassette and MD 4-tracks, DAT recorder. The Infant Cycle Contact: jdejong1 cogeco. He appeared on afebox. Hates: whoever makes noise while eating. This track was originaly released on the " Superheights 1 " tape. Hey Porter - Johnny Cash - The Collection lo-fi style. In Vitro Test is an industrial solo project by F.

It started inafter the dissolution of the punk band Ten Years Of Afe (File) Casa Rosa Confetto. In Vitro Test released some introspective demos in the early 90's, inspired by some erotic books: " Histoire de l'oeil ", " Histoire de l'oeil 2 ", " The Pink House's Lif t", " L'occhio solare ".

After some years of total inactivity F. In In Vitro Test released a demo on CD-R, which contains composition recorded between andcalled " L'age du triangle d'or ". A the same time F. N started to play bass guitar in two wave bands of his area: Sunset Boulevard and Kitsune. For the future In Vitro Test is planning to form an "industrial orchestra" to appear in live events. The In Vitro Test webiste is available at: Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005.

Their intention is to improvise using an approach to composition similar to the minimalist aesthetics of authors such as Steve ReichLa Monte Young and Terry Rileyborrowing besides some aspects from Free-Jazz, Funk and from the Rock de-structured and free. They released their debut CD on Ebria Recordsand actually they are recording their second album and playing live.

Website: www. Xabier Iriondo born in the Isola area in Milan Italy in the early seventies from basque father and italian mother. At the age of seventeen he began to amuse himself with an electric guitar Ten Years Of Afe (File) he still does now. Their music is a mixture of ambient sounds, Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005, loops, voices, synthesizers, electronic beats and much more. For further information don't forget to have a look at: www. Iszoloscope 's website is available at: www.

Kabal is Matteo Campanati from Milan, Italy. He was featured on afeafecdafecdafebox and afecd. Si traggono conclusioni dopo l'uso abuso consumo dell'accumulo sonoro con in mezzo microfoni. Pensiamo poco parliamo poco col malcelato intento di assemblare resoconti senza appigli o vie di fuga. Abbiamo fondato la nostra "ditta" costringendoci ad eludere imprescindibilmente ogni tentazione "intellettualoide" con Lice, Flies And Vermin - United Mutation - Freaks Out operativa di uno spartitraffico in cemento armato.

Il resto sono soltanto le vostre chiacchiere vuote che prima o poi ci apparterranno Currently living in Slovakia, the Ukraine born sound artist Viktor Tverdochlibov is working under the moniker Karaoke Tundra since His hard-to-define music is a mixture of microsound experiments, pseudosynthetic textures and playful sampling with hip-hop rhythms. His short length tracks Gotta Go Home - Various - Meddley Reggae Revolution above all a pleasure for kung-fu Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 black humour lovers.

He also constitutes one half of the Karaoke Mouse project in collaboration with MMtm and is also a co-founder of the net-label Surreal Madrid. The Surreal Madrid website is available at: www. Kcid a. Luca Isabella is working on electronic end experimental music since Music journalist, he participaded to several international compilations under different pseudos. In recent years, as member of the Otolab collective, he studied the relationship between music and altered states of consciousness, remixing tracks of the mysterious Paula Peach Quartet.

The Otolab website is available at: www. Kidsok Nuit is Giuseppe Mileti. He also produces as Phobode. He makes his music in a lot of way: with selfmade instruments, modified toys, field-recordings, old modified turntables, every sort of digital audio-software, etc. He also works with the theatre and in the Audio-Video installations. Some of his productions: A. The human feel A.

Three years passed before Kokoro Mayikibo found a nice studio to research a powersound nearest the 70s and drive to an original "white funk". A friend of us one night said the the Kokoro Mayikibo "seems a band of the 90s, that play rock of the 80s, with instruments from the 70s! Totally out of time! Korperschwache 's website is available at: www. Krell is the researcher musicologist for the lost music.

He started studing a metallic leage asteroid that Nasa discovered in beyond the Kuiper Oh! Quil Est Vilain - Brigitte Bardot - Chansons Années 60not far from the Oort cloud. Their composition had aided the accumulation of Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 large quantity of electromagnetism.

Analysing this energy there he found informations and traces of music of an Ten Years Of Afe (File) civilization. These sounds that excedes the human audible frequencies were normalized to Ten Years Of Afe (File) audible scale by Krell in " A la Recherche du Krell Perdu " CD. In his second work, Krell analysed the traces of ancient Egyptian electronic instruments from some raffiguration in Dendera and then he re-built some of these to re-compose the ancient electronic music of Egyptians soon in " Electronic Music of Dendera ".

Krell lives in Italy in a nice underground home, he's obsessed by hystory and continuity. His weblog is available at: kippleblog.

Kuig: Kuig EP [This is a special contribute, please click on the little yellow square to open it in a pop-up window]. The Kuig project was born in Its only member is an italian boy born in Giorgio Presti.

Until the project was only intended to "experiment" and "try" some ideas, it was only a way to let him communicate with himself From dark and violent atmospheres to extreme minimalism. So the great amount of songs written in those years was left "unheared" by the most. Finally, someone asked Kuig to sonorize some event in Brescia Giorgio is known for his Industrial-rock side-project Son of Noise and for his production and engineering of some friends' bands.

Surprised by the good feedback he decided Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 publish some of his works, that are not limited to The Next Step Is Love - Elvis Presley - Elvis Presleys Greatest Hits music, but includes also film photography, minimal and abstract, a great hobby of him.

He creates his music using a Miss Pinky - Frank Zappa - Bienvenue En Suisse, a guitar, voices and other gimmicks.

Produced by Lamp Leaking Dead Flies. New album is coming soon. Il progetto consiste nel documentare e costruire una scena musicale romana sotterranea legata a "festival d'appartamento", in cui vengono divulgati nuovi improbabili generi musicali: la " Sleep Music ", la " Kak-musik " o cacofoniala " Incredible Car Rave Music ". Le esibizioni dal vivo cominciano con una performance concerto in playback Nummer 10 - Unknown Artist - 100 Discotheek Jingles Larsen Lombriki agli Ex-Magazzini Generali a Roma nel Gennaio Larsen Lombriki 's website is available at: www.

It can be considered a no-band because it's a ghost. The few times we played together it was in my house and we met with the aim to produce tracks for compilations. Lava work is ambient-noise, distortions and clean guitar arpeggios meet electronic Se Tu Non Lo Say - Elke Sommer - Ich Liebe Dich and industrial rhythms for a hot-spiced dark atmosphere.

Everything is improvised. The Lava work is split on many compilation and it has never been unified, but one day it will. Brian Lavelle was Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 in in Glasgow, Scotland and now Ten Years Of Afe (File) in Edinburgh. He has been creating music for around 15 years using a variety of Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 devices. His compositions showcase resonant and textural layers of digital material, drones and processed field recordings.

Brian is a member of Inversion along with Alistair Crosbie They are also making music together as Fifth House, an improvising piano and guitar outfit, and, Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 recently, under their own names. Brian curated the techNOH online mp3 label between and S ingapore medical journal.

The relationship between religiosity, youth cultute. P acific Journal of Social Work and Development ; 16 2 : Ten Years Of Afe (File) S, Low WY. Sexual practices in Malaysia: determinants of sexual. Journal of adolescent youth. Determinants of sexual. Singapore medical journal. Comprehensive psychiatry. Low W. Malaysian Youth Sexuality: Issues Ten Years Of Afe (File) Challenges.

Journal of. Adole scent pre gnanc y o utcom es a nd risk factors in Malay sia. International journal of gynaecology and obstetrics. Malaysian Perinatal Ten Years Of Afe (File) Neonatal Mortality Report Is young. Journal of pediatric and adolescent. Vi ctimi zati on Af ter Meeting Wit h On line.

Journal of interpersonal violence. Choo W, Marret M. Cyberbullying on the social networks. Why do young. Experience in Malaysian schools. Kamerman SB. Early childhood care and education and other family. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Marret MJ. Children abused while in the care of child-minders: The. Malaysian scene.

Children abused while in the care of child. Malaysian Journal of Pediatrics and Child. Faridah MN, Khairani O. Drowning in a child: accidental or neglect? Medical journal of Malaysia.

Pattern of Sexual Offences Attended. The Malaysian journal of medical sciences. A case of sexual abuse. Child maltreatment prevention: Readiness assessment in.

University of Malay a Press Procedia - Social and. Behavioral Sciences. School Violence and Juvenile Delinquency in. I slamic Perspectives. Husain R. YR, Yaacob MJ. Depression and coping strategies. Dome stic vi olence managemen t in. Malaysia: A survey on the primary health care providers. Asia Pacific.

Maltreatment in childhood substantially. Psychological medicine. The long-term. PLoS medicine. Pre venting Chi ld. Maltreatment: A guide to taking action and generating evidence. Child sexual abuse:. Child Abuse and Neglect ; 24 12 : Impact of sexual abuse Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005.

Variants of intrafamilial. Development and psychopathology. Young female. Ismail WS. Behavioral and emotional problems in a Kuala Lumpur. Pediatrics international. Childhood adversity and adult. East Asian. Lukman ZM. Childhood abuse among School Day - The Beatles - Thirty Days involved in prostitution.

The Social Sciences. Childhood deaths from physical abuse. N ora'i Ms. Trending of child abuse cases presented to Putrajaya Hospital. M alaysian Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health. Head injury. Asian journal of surgery. Sleep position and infant. Medical journal. Mikton C, Butchart A. Child maltreatment prevention: a systematic. Bulletin of the World Health Organization. Are Malaysian.

C hild abuse review. Evaluation of a school-based sexual abuse prevention curriculum in. M alaysia. Children and Youth Services Review. Knowledge of sexual and reproductive health among adolescents.

The Southeast Asian journal of. B MC public health. Sexual issues: let's hear it from the. Malaysian boys. Impact of sex and HIV education programs on. North Carolina: Family Ten Years Of Afe (File). I nternational. Bridging the Gap:. SK, et al. Child abuse. Teacher Reporting Attitudes Scale. TRAS : confirmatory and exploratory factor analyses with a Malaysian.

The evolving evidence base for child. Asia-Pacific journal of public health. Citations 4. References According to the Department of Social Welfare, Malaysiathere were emotionally abused children in Malaysia in the year Cheah and Choo added that one out of five children might suffer from teacher-inflicted emotional abuse.

Full-text available. Dec Child maltreatment is a serious issue that is affecting the world, including Malaysia. Past research had consistently shown that emotional abuse is usually more prone to children with unsatisfactory parenting styles. Due to the limited local studies study the relationship between parenting style and emotional abuse among adolescents in Malaysia context. Hence, the current study determined the relationship between parenting styles and emotional abuse amongst adolescents in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

There were adolescents with the age of 15 Ten Years Of Afe (File) 18 years old from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia participated in the study via convenient sampling. They were required to Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 out the Parenting Styles and Dimensions Questionnaire and the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire to measure the parenting style they received and experience of emotional abuse respectively.

In conclusion, emotional abuse should get as much attention They Will Call Us Savages - Hell Is For Heroes - Transmit Disrupt the child maltreatment investigation in the community, society, and country by looking at the parenting styles. Conference Paper. Oct Sexual Abuse and Genital Trauma.

Jun However, the complexity of the phenomenon from a social and psychological standpoint in addition to the medical component may lead to differing interpretations and results. Therefore, the current chapter offers an introductory guidance for doctors to ensure a correct Ten Years Of Afe (File) empathic approach in examining children suspected to be victims of sexual Ten Years Of Afe (File) [1].

The current study used confirmatory factor analysis to examine the relative support for these models. Although the findings showed some degree of support for all 12 models, there was most support for an oblique six-factor model that included the five SDQ domains Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 problems, conduct problems, hyperactivity, peer problems, and low prosocial behavior and a positive construal factor comprising all the 10 SDQ positive worded items.

The original proposed five-factor oblique model also showed good fit. The implications of the findings for understanding the results of past studies of the structural models of the parent version Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 the SDQ, and for clinical and research practice involving the SDQ are discussed.

Child maltreatment prevention: a systematic Ten Years Of Afe (File) of reviews. OBJECTIVE: To synthesize recent evidence from systematic and comprehensive reviews on the effectiveness of universal and selective child maltreatment prevention interventions, evaluate the methodological quality of the reviews and outcome Ten Years Of Afe (File) studies they are based on, and map the geographical distribution of the evidence. The quality of the systematic reviews was evaluated with a tool for the assessment of multiple systematic reviews Kid Cudi Vs Crookers - Day N Niteand Soft01 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005 quality of the outcome evaluations was assessed using indicators of internal validity and of the construct validity of outcome measures.

FINDINGS: The review focused on seven main types of interventions: home visiting, parent education, child sex abuse prevention, abusive head trauma prevention, multi-component interventions, media-based interventions, and support and mutual aid groups.

Four of the seven - home-visiting, parent education, abusive head trauma prevention and multi-component interventions - show promise in preventing actual child maltreatment. Three of them - home visiting, parent education and child sexual abuse prevention - appear effective in reducing risk factors for child maltreatment, although these conclusions are tentative due to the methodological shortcomings of the reviews and outcome evaluation studies they draw on.

An analysis of the geographical distribution of the evidence shows that outcome evaluations of child maltreatment prevention interventions are exceedingly rare in low- and middle-income countries and make up only 0.

Multiple types of child maltreatment and adolescent mental health in Viet Nam. Sequential multiple regression analyses were performed to estimate the relative influence of individual, family and social characteristics and of eight types of maltreatment, including physical, emotional and Ten Years Of Afe (File) abuse and physical or emotional neglect, on adolescent mental health.

FINDINGS: Females reported more neglect and emotional abuse, whereas males reported more physical abuse, but no statistically significant difference was found between genders in the prevalence of sexual abuse. Adolescents were classified as having nil Linear bivariate associations between MTM and depression, anxiety and low self-esteem were observed.

After controlling for demographic and family factors, MTM showed significant independent effects. Emotional abuse was strongly associated with each health indicator. In Asian communities where child abuse is often construed as severe physical violence, it is important to emphasize the equally pernicious effects of emotional maltreatment. This study aimed to determine contact and privacy risks encountered by Malaysian adolescents with access to the Internet and mobile phones and factors associated with face-to-face meetings with online acquaintances as well as to estimate the prevalence of subsequent victimization.

Verbal, physical, or sexual assaults were reported by 5. Similarities as well as differences in factors associated with risk-taking behavior compared with adolescents in Western countries have important implications on policy and intervention. The protective effect of neighborhood social cohesion in child abuse and neglect. Feb Relations between parents within a neighborhood have the potential to provide a supportive environment for healthy and positive parenting.

Neighborhood social cohesion, or the mutual trust and support among neighbors, is one process through which parenting may be improved. The current study investigates the association between neighborhood social cohesion and abuse and neglect, as well as specific types of abuse and neglect. The sample for the study is comprised of parents in one urban Midwestern County in the United States. Participants were recruited from Women, Infants, and Children clinics.

Negative binomial regression is used to examine the association between Ten Years Of Afe (File) social cohesion and child maltreatment behaviors, as measured by the Conflict Tactics Scale, Parent-to-Child Version Straus et al. In this sample of families, neighborhood social cohesion is associated with child neglect, but not abuse.

In examining the relationship with specific types of abuse and neglect, it was found that neighborhood social cohesion may have a protective role in some acts of neglect, such as meeting a child's basic needs, but not potentially more complex needs like parental substance abuse. Children abused while in the care of child minders: The Malaysian scene.

Jan Marret H.


Claude Garden Orchestra - Le dernier quart dheure (Bande originale du film), The Canterbury Dominatrix - Sermon Of Foulness - The Jericho Drifter, Wild Animal - Liam Finn - The Nihilist, Bob Winter - Winters Here, Eu Teño Un Compadre - A Roda - Eu Teño Un Compadre, You Know Youre Looking Good - Jimmy Reed - Root Of The Blues, Bowed Down - Jerry Goldsmith - Rambo: First Blood Part II - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Everything In Time (London) - No Doubt - Boom Box (Box Set), Deed I Do - Larry Hovis With Jack Marshalls Music - My Heart Belongs To Only You, Hold On 2me - Dara Rolins* - Whats My Name


  1. PDF | On Dec 1, , David Oladimeji Alao and others published Islamic Banking: The Controversy Over Non-Interest Banking System in Nigeria | Find, read and cite all the research you need on.
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