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{PARAGRAPH}Be aware of other activity, Maruta - Various - A389/Chainsaw Safety Records Sampler 2009 or machinery movements. What are your workmates doing? Is there sufficient separation distance between the chainsaw operator and other personnel? Do not work alone, and maintain regular contact with other workers. Is there other tree felling activity in the area? Ensure a minimum of at least two tree lengths of any tree felling activity. Get in touch. Ask a question, request a free demo or an obligation free quote. How can we help you? The recording on these 4 tracks suck ass, with Killing Brain Cells - Earth Crisis - Slither kick drum way too blown out. However, the bands power remains intact especially in the vocals. The vocalist in Wormeaters is actually the drummer, and to take the strain of him playing live the band now has a new singer. New material will be up for pre-order soon, but I hope the new vocalist has the same Rev. Paul Bearer stylings. Keep your eyes peeled. Don't expect over produced clean Chain Of Strength worship here. These guys play the tried and true "youth crew" style with a more raw edge. The vocals in particular are raspy and rough around the edges similar to more Maruta - Various - A389/Chainsaw Safety Records Sampler 2009 a Maruta - Various - A389/Chainsaw Safety Records Sampler 2009 NYHC approach. Maruta - Various - A389/Chainsaw Safety Records Sampler 2009 of good speed and plenty of breakdowns. The sleeve has a minor dent in Robin Gibb - Robins Reign upper right corner probably from shipping. Still flawless. Comes with an extra cd and poster! Has been stored for all these years. Great comp! Label: A Recordings Cat : none. Label: Not On Label Cat : none. Comes as an enhanced CD. In mint condition! On clear with pink and green splatter out Maruta - Various - A389/Chainsaw Safety Records Sampler 2009 ! Label: Renate Cat : Played only once or twice. Great Swedisch punkrock powerhouse. Get this! Great hardcore band from the Netherlands! Still factory sealed! Unplayed copy in excellent condition. Comes on purple vinyl with the Bloodpact stamp limited to copies. Therefore processes are investigated to clean the raw silicon to an impurity level necessary for photovoltaic applications. Of special interest is the impurity level of the 3d transition metals and of the dopant element boron. Transition metals of the 3d — series form deep levels in the energy gap of silicon and act as recombination centres for the charge carriers thus degrading the efficiency of solar cells. In order to find optimal crystallization parameters, the impurity profile along the crystallization Plaidoyers - La Vie DArtiste - Utopies En Ruines. is of special interest. After cutting the ingots of multi-crystalline silicon into wafer further cleaning procedures like HCl gettering [3] are applied. In this project, instrumental neutron activation analysis INAA is used to determine the 3d impurity concentration at the different purification steps beginning with metallurgical grade silicon MG-Si which is used as feedstock material for the crystallization and ending with the analysis of silicon wafers after the gettering procedures. Special attention is given to the impurity profile after crystallization. Davis, A. Rohatgi, P. Rai-Choudhury, P. Blais, and R. Macdonald and A. Cuevas; Journal of Applied Physics, [3] J. Hampel, F. Boldt, N. Wiehl, G. Hampel, J. Kratz, and S. Valencia, Spain [4] G. Hampel, K. Eberhardt, and N. Food irradiation technique is extremely effective at reducing food-borne illness as well as losses caused by pathogenic microorganisms. However, there is a need to detect the use of food irradiation to ensure that food is labeled correctly. In present, several methods are available to detect irradiated food. The aim of this study is to set up applicability for foods which are not allowed to be irradiated in Korea. The groups of dried fruits and seeds were collected. The results showed that it is possible to apply TL method Maruta - Various - A389/Chainsaw Safety Records Sampler 2009 all foods with mineral. In ESR method, food containing sugar showed radiation-induced crystalline sugar radicals, but the others did not exhibit radiation-induced radicals. Determination of Boron distribution in Co-Re alloys 1h 30m. Grain boundaries in these polycrystalline alloys are strengthened by boron. Islands - Various - Club Top 16 - November/December 1987 is known to segregate to grain boundaries in Ni-alloys and improve low temperature ductility. The mechanisms to strengthen the grain boundaries are being explored for the Co-Re alloys. To have a better understanding of the effect, a set of experimental alloy was manufactured with known added boron amounts ranging from 50 to ppm. However, as boron is volatile, the quantity remained in the alloy is presumably lower than added. The aims of the present experiments were to quantify the boron content by PGAA, and to map its distribution in the alloys, looking for signs of segregation. Thanks to the high cross-section of the 10B n,alpha gamma 7Li reaction, we could detect boron already in a few ppm quantity, based on its A complementary technique, solid state nuclear track detectors SSNTD was used to map the near-surface boron density. The alpha particles, emitted from the same nuclear reaction, create tracks in the Maruta - Various - A389/Chainsaw Safety Records Sampler 2009if we make a close contact between a polished surface of the sample and the track detector during the irradiation. The track detectors were etched in hot NaOH and imaged with an optical microscope. An attempt was also made to have a closer look to the boron-spots with SEM, giving far better spatial resolution than a conventional microscope. In some samples the segregation was clearly detectable. This information allows the material scientists to develop a new generation of materials. As scientists have focused their researches on the health impacts caused by mineral nutrient deficiencies and hazardous elements, public concern regarding mineral intake from dietary food is rising. For this reason, the dietary habit of Koreans has shifted from white rice to more nutritious rice like unpolished rice and rice mixed with beans. The objectives of this study were to determine the mineral contents in unpolished rice and bean samples and to compare the level of mineral contents between the analyzed samples. K shows the highest values among the analyzed elements from unpolished rice and bean samples. Only As in the unpolished rice samples shows higher contents than that in the bean samples. Ca, Cu, Fe and K in the unpolished rice are 8-times higher than those in the beans. Mg and Zn in the unpolished rice are slightly higher than those in the beans. Additionally, these results were compared with mineral contents in white rice. Development of a liquid scintillation detection system for aqueous chemistry of seaborgium 1h 30m. As relativistic effects on the valence electrons become large in heavy elements, it is interesting to elucidate chemical properties of the transactinide elements. In the present study, we have developed an on-line liquid scintillation detection system to measure solution samples eluted from the chemistry apparatus for aqueous chemistry of elementseaborgium Sg. We fabricated a liquid scintillation detector which consists of a photomultiplier tube and a glass cell set in a semispherical reflector. Response to the SF events was investigated using the nuclide Cf. Procedures in on-line measurements are as follows. An emulsifier scintillator was first introduced into the cell. The aqueous solution sample from the chemistry apparatus was then injected to the cell. During the injection, the scintillator and the solution sample were mixed with an electromagnetic stirrer. Measurement was started after the mixture became homogeneous in the cell. The above procedures were automatically and repeatedly performed. The eluent was transferred to the cell and mixed with 4 mL of the scintillator. Start of measurement of the products was approximately 15 s after the end of collection. Development of diet-induced obesity in the rat, followed by radioanalytical methods 1h 30m. In parallel to several morphological parameters, changes in the thyroid status of the animals were followed. Moreover, with the aid of our newly developed radiometric enzyme assay, we measured changes in the enzyme activity of type 3 iodothyronine deiodinase D3 in several depots of murine white adipose tissue WAT. HF-diet feeding resulted in an increased size of adipocytes and in a significantly higher weight of both epididymal-visceral and dorsolumbar-subcutaneous fat depots. Total T4 and total T3 plasma levels were significantly elevated in mice fed HF-diet, in comparison with mice maintained on LF-diet. In conclusion, HF-diet-induced obesity in mice was associated with proliferation and differentiation of WAT and stimulation of thyroid hormones metabolism in WAT. Diamond Detectors in Transactinide Chemistry 1h 30m. The possibilities of on-line thermochromatography experiments with transactinide elements depend on the material of the applied detectors. Tramp - The Stranglers - La Folie, the experimental characterization of less volatile elements with higher negative adsorption enthalpies is not feasible. In recent years the development of chemical vapor deposition CVD single Reggae Strong - Lucky Dube - Live In Concert (DVD) diamonds made a considerable progress concerning the available size, quality, and quantity. CVD single crystal diamond detectors can be heated up to temperatures higher than K without any spectroscopic degradation, Midnight Mountain - Cathedral - Lets Groove to their electronic band gap of 5. In addition, they can be operated under broad daylight or strong IR radiation e. We prepared, characterized, and tested different types of CVD diamond detector setups, aiming for an application in future transactinide chemistry experiments. Eichler et al. Acta 98 3 [2] J. TU Munich [3] B. Acta 33 [4] J. Kaneko et al. A Electrosynthesis of electrophilic n. Because of its extraordinary suitable decay properties fluorine is the most widely used radionuclide in positron emission tomography PET [1]. Presently the radioorganic syntheses of no-carrier-added n. This complicates or excludes n. There is the unanswered question whether an electrochemical oxidation of nucleophilic [18F]fluoride can lead to an electrophilic [18F]fluorine analogue. Since in organic fluorochemistry N-F compounds are known as highly effective and selective electrophilic fluorinating agents [2], they were chosen to be synthesized with n. Based on cyclic voltammetric measurements an electrochemical synthesis of [18F]N-fluorobis phenylsulfonyl amine was attempted. Bis trifluoromethylsulfonyl imide with 1-butylmethylpyrrolidinium as counter Bell Tower - Gazelle Twin - The Entire City was chosen as a putative suitable precursor. Due to its excellent physical and electrochemical properties this ionic liquid serves as conducting salt, solvent and starting material at once and offers a simplified performance by avoiding major side reactions. Cyclic voltammetry of bis trifluoromethylsulfonyl imide showed two succeeding oxidation steps. The first step may lead to a resonance-stabilized radical before further oxidation causes the generation of an unstable cation and finally the decomposition of the compound. Further electrosynthetic experiments were carried out in an established electrochemical cell [3]. At a tension of V intercalated fluoride and bis trifluoromethylsulfonyl imide were expected to co-oxidize and recombine at the surface of the electrode. Products were separated from their ionic contents and analyzed by radio-HPLC. An Never Going Nowhere - The Bluetones - Blue Movies (DVD) identification could not be achieved due to the lack of a reference compound. A resulting n. Thus, in principle a production of an n. References: [1] H. Schubiger, L. Lehmann, M. Friebe eds. Furin, A. Fainzilberg, Russ. Hamacher, T. Hirschfelder, H. Coenen, Appl. TES will extract various isotopic species of hydrogen by the liquid nitrogen cooled molecular sieve adsorber beds CMSB. The adsorption property of the adsorbent was also Maruta - Various - A389/Chainsaw Safety Records Sampler 2009 in continuous He-H2 purge gases with a flow rate of The results show that MS5A can extract Maruta - Various - A389/Chainsaw Safety Records Sampler 2009 of hydrogen from helium effectively, furthermore, the content of hydrogen was quite high in the regenerated gases of CMSB after saturated adsorption. The adsorbent can stand the test during the running of ITER. A gamma-ray spectrum with normal mode and anti-coincidence mode were acquired Maruta - Various - A389/Chainsaw Safety Records Sampler 2009 the same time, and advantage factors of CSS for each nuclide detected were calculated on the basis of signal-to-noise ratio. It is expected that the element seaborgium Sg is redox active, because molybdenum Mo and tungsten Wthe homologues of Sg, have various oxidation states. However, the voltammetry for measurement of redox potential cannot be applied to SHE chemistry, because the Disney Girls - Art Garfunkel - Bright Eyes nuclides can only be produced as one atom at a time and have short half-lives. Therefore, the investigation of reduction potential of Sg ion should be combined with chemical separation to obtain reduction ratio of Sg. We are planning to study the reduction behavior of Sg by the electrochemical method combined with solvent extraction. Extraction behaviors of mononuclear Mo and W were investigated using carrier-free radiotracers 99Mo and W, which were produced as U n, f and Ta p, n reaction, respectively. The D values for Ill Never Say Never To Always - Charles Manson - Lie: The Love And Terror Cult V obtained by the reduction of Mo VI were in good agreement with those obtained with [MoCl5], suggesting that reduction behavior of the group-6 elements can be observed by solvent extraction. This condition would be suitable for the Sg experiments. Studies on the transactinide elements have, therefore, attracted many scientists. On the other hand, it is very difficult to perform chemical experiments of these elements because of their short half-lives and low production rates. Although there are some pioneering researches conducting chemical separations, studies obtaining chemical constants in equilibrium are a few especially in solution chemistry. From these results, we discussed the chloride complexation and chemical species extracted, and determined the experimental conditions for the extraction of Rf. Based on the comparison of these data with those obtained for Rf, we would clarify the properties in the chloride complex formation of Rf. Two types of rapid extraction apparatuses are under development to obtain the Look What Youve Done (Pts. I & II) - Eric Donaldson - Kent Village data of Rf in equilibrium. For solvent extraction, a micro-chemical tip, Teflon capillary tube, and micro mixer device were tested as a mixing section of the solvent extraction apparatus using Zr and Hf radiotracers. As a result, it is found that rapid chemical reactions were observed in using the micro-chemical tip. Solid-liquid extraction apparatus which can perform rapidly solid-liquid extraction by batch method was also developed. By this apparatus, time dependence of the distribution coefficients are expected to be obtained for superheavy elements. Performance of this apparatus was checked by the on-line experiment using the accelerator. Fast beta-alpha-pile-up suppression electronics for super heavy element identification 1h 30m. The synthesis [1] and chemical [2] investigation of new elements are one of the most fascinating tasks in nuclear physics and radiochemistry. Especially the beta-decay of Bi and the following alpha-decay of Po half-life 0. The sum of the kinetic energies of both particles may exceeds Conventional spectroscopy electronics can not resolve the consecutive hits of the beta- and alpha-particle in time. This leads to so called pile-up pulse height amplification. It was shown in [3] that such pile-up events contribute two orders of magnitude more Maruta - Various - A389/Chainsaw Safety Records Sampler 2009 the event budget in the region between 8. A new and fast spectroscopic detection system PURECOLD was designed and build-up to distinguish pile-up signals from real pure alpha-events at the same energy. This setup is able to record each 2 us a single event with overall event rates up to per sec and per spectroscopic channel. The discrimination of pile-up signals is based on the sampling of the leading edge of the independently amplified fast timing signal using sixteen consecutive fast voltage comparators switching time ps with a time resolution of 0. References: [1] Yu. Oganessian, et al. G: Nucl. Acta 99 [3] J. Gates, et al. C 83, This highly-localized dose distribution is used to effect in brachytherapy for the radiotherapeutic treatment of malignant tumours. Accurate monitoring of such a steeply-varying dose distribution requires ideally a dosimetric technique capable of three-dimensional, sub-millimetre spatial resolution. We have developed such a technique that is based on a gel medium that becomes fluorescent on exposure to ionizing radiation with the intensity of the fluorescence proportional to the local radiation dose. We illustrate the method with photographic images of the fluorescence surrounding a high dose rate HDR seed of iridium The images, with a spatial resolution of better than 0. The gel is close to tissue-equivalent and its radio-fluorogenic property is based on the radiolytic formation of reactive free-radicals. The measurements are therefore directly relevant to the radio-biological processes responsible for the destruction of malignant tissue. This method of real-time, 3D dosimetry should expedite the research, development and application of radio-nuclides for radiotherapy and provide a visual image that could be of use in the education and training of clinical personnel. This work reports on synthesis, complexation and radiolabeling study of new macrocyclic ligands for selective complexation of gallium, which might serve as potential radiopharmaceuticals for 68Ga-PET bone imaging. Bone-targeting bis phosphonic acid moiety, as a distant, non-coordinating group was appended to the 1,4,7-triazacyclonone-1,4-diacetic acid macrocyclic fragment through acetamide or methylphosphinic spacer. Complex formation proceeds through intermediate steps involving bis phosphonate coordination. Hydrolysis of amide bond of the carboxoamidebis phosphonate was also observed during the complexation reaction, leading to the Ga III -NOTA complex, confirmed by X-ray diffraction. Under all tested conditions, ligand with methylphosphinate linker showed faster complexation rate than the acetamide. Results Maruta - Various - A389/Chainsaw Safety Records Sampler 2009 NMR studies milimolar concentrations were comparable Maruta - Various - A389/Chainsaw Safety Records Sampler 2009 gallium radiolabeling study picomolar concentrations. In vitro sorption study showed effective binding of the complexes to hydroxyapatite, which was used as a model of real bone tissue. Selective bone uptake was confirmed by in vivo PET imaging on laboratory rats. Gas-phase chemistry of carbonyl complexes formed in hot-atom reactions with short-lived isotopes of a Cf fission source 1h 30m. A new chemical system of metal carbonyl complexes was used for studying the gas-phase chemical behavior of Mo, Tc, Maruta - Various - A389/Chainsaw Safety Records Sampler 2009 Ru isotopes with a low temperature on-line isothermal gas chromatography apparatus. Carbonyl complexes were synthesized using hot atom gas chemical reactions with carbon monoxide and a Cf fission source. On-line isothermal chromatography IC experiments, on Teflon and quartz surfaces showed that Maruta - Various - A389/Chainsaw Safety Records Sampler 2009 Mo isotopes can form carbonyl complexes which are very volatile and interact most likely in physisorption processes. The speciation of studied carbonyls is still missing. Geochemically anomalous phonolites from Lusatian Mountains, Czech Republic: Possible source materials and processes of their origin 1h 30m. The study has been aimed at elucidation of source materials and processes leading to formation of anomalous phonolites from the Lusatian Mountains Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic. For a detailed geochemical study of the phonolites, various modes of instrumental neutron short and long time irradiation, including the epithermal and fast neutron mode and photon activation analyses were utilized. Combination of these modes allowed assaying up to 48 major and trace elements. Strontium and neodymium isotopic compositions were determined by TIMS. Phonolites represent the subvolcanic hypabyssal rocks, which solidified from magma at relatively low temperature and consolidated in shallow depths in the upper bed. They are mostly associated with Tertiary interplate Isolated - Combat Delta - Combat Delta, but can originate also from differentiation of the upper mantle under the oceanic crust. The origin of the studied phonolites of ca. The geochemical and isotopic data indicate that the anomalous phonolites may have originated mainly from partial melting of lower crust of tonalite-monzonite character or metamorphic rocks — shales with high contents of, e. Participation of matter from the differentiated upper mantle is negligible. The high content of incompatible elements is probably associated, besides nepheline, sanidine and other foids, with accessory minerals such as zircon or titanite. INAA for discriminationg geographic origin of Brazilian rice 1h 30m. The concentration of chemical elements in plants and in Maruta - Various - A389/Chainsaw Safety Records Sampler 2009 edible parts varies according to the plant genotype, soil fertility, environmental factors and agricultural practices. Based on such relation, chemical elements have been used to discriminate the origin of food, identifying species or variety, cultivation system and geographic region, amongst other characteristics. Trace elements are especially interesting for discriminating the geographic origin, since their availability for plants is normally connected to the geology and genesis of soils. As a staple food worldwide, rice has already been studied by different analytical techniques for tracing origin. Here, instrumental neutron activation analysis was applied for evaluating Brazilian rice samples, in order to identify chemical elements with potential for discriminating geographic origin. Emphasis was given to commercial brands from Rio Grande do Sul, the state with the main production of rice in Brazil. At total, twelve municipalities of Rio Grande do Sul were represented by the sampling procedure, comprising the regions west, south and east of the State. After processing in a rotor mill, samples were irradiated at a thermal neutron flux of 8x cm-2 s-1 for 8 hours and radioactivity was counted in HPGe detectors at decay times of 4, 7, 15 and 30 days. The clearest separation was observed for Na, which presented systematically higher concentrations in rice samples originated from the east part of Rio Grande do Sul, i. However other chemical elements also demonstrated to be useful for discriminating the geographic origin. SISAK is an automated liquid-liquid extraction system adopted to one-atom-at-time studies of transactinide elements [1]. It is directly connected to flow-through Liquid-Scintillation Maruta - Various - A389/Chainsaw Safety Records Sampler 2009 detection cells for unique identification of a given transactinide using alpha-alpha correlations and Pulse-Shape Discrimination PSD of beta- and gamma-induced events [2]. The system works behind a physical gas-filled preseparator to significantly reduce unwanted products from the target. It was the first time such a separator was used for a transactinide chemistry experiments and was very successful. Follow-up experiments [3] where performed which firmly established the SISAK system as suitable for liquid-phase studies of transactinide elements, provided a physical preseparator like the BGS is used to eliminate unwanted products. Model and development experiments have been and will continue Maruta - Various - A389/Chainsaw Safety Records Sampler 2009 be performed at the Tokai Tandem-accelerator and the Oslo Cyclotron Laboratory. The SISAK system will be set up with an electrochemical cell to enable redox experiments to deduce important and basic chemical information about seaborgium, see NRC8 contribution by A. Toyoshima et al. The major obstacle to achieve this is the transfer and dissolution of the metal-ions attached to KCl aerosol-particles from the gas-jet transport and into the first liquid phase: When the liquid-flow goes down the volume ratio between liquid and gas gets more and more disadvantageous, leading to significant yield loss in this stage. Due to its simplicity the new device it is also much faster than the old degasser. Work is in progress to finalize the design and implementation with the SISAK system, results which will be reported at NRC8 together with the overall plan for investigating Forbidden Love - Madonna - Italian Confessions. References: [1] J. Omtvedt, et al. Stavsetra et al. Ooe, H. Lerum, and J. Omtvedt, manuscript in preparation for publication. Oslo, Norway. Mineral Elements Determination in Medicinal Plants 1h 30m. The demand for herbal medicines is growing worldwide. The determination of major, minor and trace elements and the research of metabolic processes and their impacts on human health is of great importance due Maruta - Various - A389/Chainsaw Safety Records Sampler 2009 the growth of environmental pollution that directly affects Maruta - Various - A389/Chainsaw Safety Records Sampler 2009 plants and therefore the phytoterapics. Therefore, the objective of this paper was to determine the content of inorganic constituents in herbal medicine: moisture, inorganic ash, total ash, and the elements As, Ba, Br, Ca, Cs, Co, Cr, Fe, Hf, K, Na, Rb, Sb, Sc, Se, Ta, Th, U, Zn and Zr by neutron activation analysis in medicinal plants in order to verify the quality of products as well as their correlation with reference standards. This study presents the results obtained for 59 medicinal plants Everything In Time (London) - No Doubt - Boom Box (Box Set) used in Brazil. Good agreement was found between the results obtained in this work and the levels of trace elements reported in literature although high values for elements such as Ca, Ba, Cr, Fe and Zn were found in some samples. Mineral nutrients are essential chemical elements Maruta - Various - A389/Chainsaw Safety Records Sampler 2009 a normal development of dogs. The body cannot synthesize any of them, thus dietary supplementation in proper quantity is crucial. Oversupplementation of one element may result in the deficiency of another, due to the interaction among minerals in the body. Either high or low level of a particular mineral in the diet can be harmful to dog's health, especially for growing puppies. In this context, a comprehensive sampling of dry dog food for puppies and adults of various brands was performed in the local market of Piracicaba city, Brazil, for evaluating the adequacy of mineral nutrients. Instrumental neutron activation analysis Hore Dědinu - Moravěnka* - Před Pilátovo / Pejřimovská Míra / Hore Dědinu / Pod Tým Naším Okénečkem was chosen to assess the chemical composition of the dog food, using two irradiations for determining both short and long-lived radionuclides. In general, all concentrations of mineral nutrients were Holy Procreation - Various - Oration MMXVI (File, Album) the permissible limits established by AAFCO for growing puppies and adults, with some slight deviations. Therefore, one can consider the Brazilian commercial dog foods as having good quality in terms of mineral Maruta - Various - A389/Chainsaw Safety Records Sampler 2009


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