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Available for Android and iOS devices. Subscribe to Drugs. This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. We comply with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information - verify here. Skip to Content. Clinical Overview. Somewhat, but not much. Gross violation. It has almost nothing to do with the issues. I mean, even if there was no further expansion of the settlements, they already destroyed the possibilities of a viable Palestinian existence.

Every one of them is illegal, and known to be. In lateIsrael was informed by its highest legal authorities. The main one, Theodor Meron, is a very respected international lawyer, a judge in the criminal courts, the International Criminal — International Tribunals, Moving Waves - Focus - Moving Waves he informed the government of what, in fact, is transparent, that transferring population to occupied territories is in gross violation of the Geneva Conventions.

The attorney general affirmed his conclusion. A couple of years ago, as you know, it was reaffirmed by the International Court of Justice. Moshe Dayan, who was in charge, recognized that. When Obama announced that he wanted a termination of expansion of the settlements, he was just Holy Procreation - Various - Oration MMXVI (File, Album) George W.

Obama repeated it, just as Bush did. But he repeated it with the Hore Dědinu - Moravěnka* - Před Pilátovo / Pejřimovská Míra / Hore Dědinu / Pod Tým Naším Okénečkem wink.

When asked, his spokesperson said that the US opposition to the expansion was purely symbolic. He would not go even as far as Bush No. And it expands the principle of fragmentation, which is the core of US-Israeli strategic policy.

So, separate Gaza from the West Bank. In the West Bank itself, the program is for Israel to take wherever is valuable and break up the rest into unviable cantons. So, Israel has to annex that. Nice place to live. So that all happens to be in the West Bank, so we have to annex that. Take over the Jordan Valley on the other side.

And the Palestinians are being kept out of it by one means or another, or driven out. Another one north of that goes to Kedumim. And so, it essentially breaks the region up. And what remains is broken up by hundreds of checkpoints, which are there primarily for harassment.

But it means, for example, that if you want to visit your cousin two miles away, you know, may take you five hours to get there, if you ever manage. And an ambulance may take, say, two hours to get from one spot to a hospital a couple of miles away, because it has to go through checkpoints, and the patient has to be carried over, you know, a big barrier, put in another one on the other side, and so on.

These are essentially techniques of harassment. They have no security purpose, even a remote one. There, the actions are doubly illegal. Actually, the US signed Step Out Of Your Mind - The American Breed - Step Out Of Your Mind, joined in those resolutions back in the late '60s and for several years afterwards. So, they're doubly illegal, and they continue.

It resonates. Expropriation continues steadily. By now, rough estimates, about a third of the West Bank has been expropriated, converted into state land. Yossi Sarid mentioned recently that this means that Israel can continue settlement for a hundred years without expropriating anything any further.

Senator Kerry has an interesting stand on this. It was a speech to the Brookings Institution a couple months ago. Obama — it took the standard position.

Party line is the United States is an honest broker, trying desperately to bring peace to these two difficult antagonists. But he said that — so he repeated that. Who are we going to — who can we negotiate with? But Kerry said that now, finally, Israel may have a legitimate partner for peace.

And he gave his evidence. Oh, OK, should have told me a little earlier. Is it any better? Any better? Yes or no? How about that? Oh, OK. Sorry you missed all those words of wisdom. I was talking about Senator Kerry and his formulation of the Obama administration position. He gave a talk a few months ago in which he said that the US, of course, has always been an honest broker seeking peace.

And now — and Israel has always been desperately seeking a legitimate partner, and finally it may have had one. What was interesting is he gave — may have one. He gave his evidence. It was quiet. And he explained why. He said the reason Hore Dědinu - Moravěnka* - Před Pilátovo / Pejřimovská Míra / Hore Dědinu / Pod Tým Naším Okénečkem that the US has established an army, a mercenary army, headed by US General Dayton, trained with the assistance of Jordan and Israel, and the army is able to suppress any sign of resistance to what the US and Israel are doing in Gaza.

So, this — things are really looking up. I should mention that the Dayton Army is under State Department control, meaning at least some kinds of weak restrictions on human rights and other conditionalities. So we have military forces that can keep the population quiet. But this is the model, the perfect model of a neocolonial society. This is the model that was crafted in the Philippines a century ago, after the US conquered the Philippines, you know, to uplift them and Christianize them and so on, all the most noble motives, killing a couple hundred thousand.

There was a problem what you do with them. The nationalist movement was Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi - My Desire up by various devices, subversion, spreading of rumors, all sorts of other things.

And the population was put under very tight surveillance and control, using the highest technology of the day. This is a century ago, so that meant telephone, radio and so on. And they had extremely tight surveillance of the population, knew where everybody was and so on. Those techniques were later developed, applied in other US domains, in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and so on.

And they blew back to the United States very quickly. In the West Bank, which is, as Nancy pointed out, an experimental region, the biometric controls are extremely sophisticated.

We just do that. So this is a familiar technique, and it works. The Philippines are still under that control. During the — there are, of course, pretexts for all of this. So, take, say, the annexation wall. I mean, if the concern were security, we know exactly what would be done.

The wall would be built on the international border.


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  2. Moravěnka - Před Pilátovo / Pejřimovská Míra / Hore Dědinu / Pod Tým Naším Okénečkem download flac mp3. MP3 FLAC. Die Lizenzspieler des 1. FCS, Die Fans vom 1. FCS - Blau und Schwarz ist unser Dress download flac mp3. MP3 FLAC.
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  6. Moravia Open. 3. - 5. 7. Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. 11th year 3days International agility competition on artifical grass. MORAVIA OPEN KONTAKT.
  7. Moravěnka: Před Pilátovo / Pejřimovská Míra / Hore Dědinu / Pod Tým Naším Okénečkem: 81 Panton: 7", 45 RPM, EP: Czechoslovakia: Cho Yong-Pil: 2집 美國 카네기홀 公演記念音盤 / 祝福 (촛불) JLS Jigu Records: LP, Album.
  8. Nakupujte jednotlivé skladby nebo celá alba interpreta Brněnská Moravěnka, a to v digitálním formátu MP3, FLAC/Hi-Res (WAV) či ve fyzické podobě na CD i LP (vinyl). Ukázky zdarma! Brněnská Moravěnka – Procházení skladeb – zserwr.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfo
  9. On December 27, , Israel began one of the bloodiest attacks on Gaza since The three-week assault killed some 1, Palestinians and thirteen Israelis. One year later, little to no.
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