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Let's make school reading material just a little more interesting in the 21st Century! As a 13 year old, i dont want Le Mariage Forcé - O La Belle Symphonie!

- Various - Codex Gaudeamus be hearing about old people who have nothing to do in their lives. All the language is not understandable and has no reference to modern day happenings. He might be a great writer but we should not be forced to read it at school. We do not make the students read a 12 - Keep Your Opinions To Yourself - Undiscovered Country Of Old Death And Strange Years In The Fri in any other foreign language.

Shakespeare's language is so old that it is almost the same as making them read Italian or Greek. The moment that a piece of writing needs to literally be translated to the class, it is not valuable for them to be reading. Shakespeare was a brilliant writer. No doubt about it, but it is a completely different language to what we use now, making it harder for students to understand the plots.

Instead students should be studying modern literature that has meaning but is not outdated like Shakespeare. Furthermore, students have absolutely no use for it later on in life.

By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. Google Search. Post Your Opinion. Create New Poll. Sign In Sign Up. Add a New Topic. Should Shakespeare be taught in schools? Absolutely yes, it is extremely important! Report Post. Like Reply. BigOofles unicorn-girl Anonymous. Person lonewriter7 IvyGreen esmejohnson Hajames bobmarley Anonymous66 swee.

Maximum words. Vuanismine mckennariess. A9 SIdeman LeahC obbates. Vuanismine SIdeman obbates. Vuanismine esmejohnson SIdeman obbates. Because he is boring. Like Reply Challenge.

BigOofles mlindbeck77 lera Pommie tylergray wert JustinTime12 fishnsotong bruvvy yoloswagdragon. Posted by: yoloswagdragon Report Post. MadMaxMayhem tshimong jkjmason mn esmejohnson. TM: That makes sense to me. I would be perfectly fine if it just was a rescan with better sound and better visuals, but it is the same film I Cold World - Beastie Boys - Show Vinyl Record 5 Misc.

Breaks in theatres. Moving on, I know that you have a special place in your heart for Sherlock Holmes. There are many great mythologies who have been crafted 12 - Keep Your Opinions To Yourself - Undiscovered Country Of Old Death And Strange Years In The Fri just one man, whereas Star Trek has developed and flourished under numerous creative minds.

You are famous for saying that there is something like a wine bottle that is the frame of Star Trek. TM: And you can put a red in there, or a white, or something with a different flavor. Star Trek can be so 12 - Keep Your Opinions To Yourself - Undiscovered Country Of Old Death And Strange Years In The Fri different things, but it still has to fit into that wine bottle.

Meyer: Well after Company Business, which was a big flop, it was very much a relief to come back to it even more so as Star Trek VI had revisited some of the material that I had failed to do justice to with the other movie. They both dealt with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

President Richard Nixon went to China [in ]. Sweet Thing - Horse - Sweet Thing might be something we have to revisit in or years.

Star Trek has endured for 50 years and that seems pretty remarkable in a culture where things tend to flash and burn. The idea that Star Trek has been around for as long as it has is not unimpressive, not unsuggestive, not unmeaningful.

Having said all that, what my place is in it…What it means for me to speculate seems a premature, and b arguably presumptuous. So bravo. I have the sense that the franchise is in the right hands.

TM: They certainly are. Meyer, I thank you so much for your time. Take care. DiscoveryUpcoming TV projects. That helps explain the remarks about Trek VI a bit more. The speculation was a series taking place around that time frame.

I suspect he wanted to capture the atmosphere of TUC, that claustrophobic militaristic feeling and probably the sense that the work the characters are doing is important in the world and a conveyance of modern times and issues.

Trek VI: The film that proved that Star Trek can be gritty, and dark and that it can all make for something very good. I loved how the Enterprise felt like a submarine and that the carpet was gone and there were scratches and worn edges on consoles. Also interesting it was that show where Klingons and the Federation became enemies 12 - Keep Your Opinions To Yourself - Undiscovered Country Of Old Death And Strange Years In The Fri, if only for a few years.

So, being an Iowa grad myself, was this interview conducted face-to-face in Iowa City, or was the photo at the top of the article just a photo you got to use here? The interview was conducted via phone. That photo was Satellite Baby - Roosevelt Sykes - The Honeydripper one Love Song - Barrett* - Barrett the most recent ones of Meyer we could dig up.

For those of you who say it was better in the gold old days with that old devil the Soviet Union, I say bull. During the Cold War, international politics and the threats we faced were much more black-and-white.

The point that Nick was making to me was essentially that when the Cold War ended, many thought things would massively improve for the better. On the contrary, the world is perhaps a much more complex, and dangerous place than it was 25 years ago. As a young man, I was pretty much expecting the nukes to be flying all through the 80s, but I do have to say right now that is the first year since then that I have felt the same level of dread.

I used to have it on VHS for 15 years, but the tape disintegrated I watched it about 20 times. Then-President Ronald Reagan was compelled to re-evaluate his nuclear weapons policy after viewing the film. It was a violation of Spock as a character, as well, and just one of the many reasons I deeply loathe The Undiscovered Country.

Loathe Undiscovered Country? Someone irrelevant said the same thing a while back about The Voyage Home. To me 2,4,and 6 are the best of the of the best of Trek movies. But I respect that my opinion is in the minority, and I have no desire to bash the film. Communications officer cant speak Klingon. The previously ubiquitous Universal Translater is now suddenly too obvious.

Much better if, as they are requested the information, the others are nervous and Uhura simply rattles off some perfect Klingon. Kirk part to be one of the highlights of the film. This was a great homage to the original series.

I thought it was less entertaining and more silly to be honest. Plus, if they had a species on the payroll who could so easily look like anyone, the easier plan was probably to have her replace the Federation President.

Or replace someone close to him and take him out. Planting her in prison or making a deal with her to screw Kirk seems like a mis-use of her talent. TUC is right up there with WoK as my favourite.

And I dont see the twisting at all. The writers pushed characters to their limits to make points, I will grant that. But there was a self awareness to it. Plus, you cant take it out of context. This wasnt a cold war. This crew had physically tangled with Klingons many times. They had felt death and destruction at their hands. And they were being forced to play diplomat when they wanted nothing to do with it. Chekov meant to say all other species deserved the same rights the gracious Humans 12 - Keep Your Opinions To Yourself - Undiscovered Country Of Old Death And Strange Years In The Fri allow.

It 12 - Keep Your Opinions To Yourself - Undiscovered Country Of Old Death And Strange Years In The Fri arrogant. But not maliciously so. That was the whole point of that dinner scene. And also showing us these officers in a setting where they didnt really care about representing Starfleet. They, in their mind but probably not consciously, had earned the right to do and say what they wanted. It is not torture, it is a violent violation. If what Spock was going after was necessary to stop the assassination, then a case could be made that it was a necessary action for Spock, and I think it would add to his character.

Regardless of the necessity, much like in the pale moonlight, that scene humanize Trek. Sometimes people make terrible mistakes in order to do what they feel is right. Spock had to exhaust all the resources at his disposal. It was his duty as a Starfleet officer to defend the Federation.

Interrogation is perfectly acceptable in this situation, and given that a mind meld was an option, even more acceptable given the crisis state. Mind rape, no.

Initially it was going to just be a live video for which Nick Filth our guitarist was going to mix the audio. But we were all so happy with the performance and the tracks provided by Adam Preston Cissell that it seemed worth releasing in its own right. I think we all felt it was such a good, honest portrayal of our sound as a band that we had to put it out.

Nick Filth mixed and mastered When I Am A Kid - Demis Roussos - Los Super 2LP audio for the final release. Tracklisting: 1. Via 4. Carcer 5. See St Gertrude in the Garden. The hatching dove eggs symbolize Hamlet's metaphorical rebirth. The silence symbolizes Hamlet's liberation from the voice of Denmark.

When Hamlet emerges from that womb of earth he is no longer "from himself taken away. Trending News. Key When I Was Single - Joan Manning - American Debut against Roger Stone makes unusual plea. Voters weigh in on issue of impeachment witnesses.

Greeting card company closing stores nationwide. How smoking weed affects your heart. Report: Eli Manning to announce retirement. Aerosmith bandmates locked in legal battle. Man allegedly kills pro-Trump boss after argument.


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  2. Apr 23,  · Hamlet quotation translation help? can someone translate this for me? But the dread of something after death. The undiscovered country, from whose region. No traveler returns, puzzles the will, And makes us rather bear those ills we have. Than fly to others that we know not of.
  3. Glacier (USA) – Though Your Sins Be as Scarlet, They Shall Be White as Snow () GlerAkur (IS) – The Mountains Are Beautiful Now () Glorie (USA) – Glorie () Go March (BE) – II () God Is an Astronaut (IE) – All Is Violent, All Is Bright ().
  4. May 30,  · Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Down Through the Aether I Saw the Accursed Earth Slowly Turning · Keep Your Opinions to Yourself Undiscovered Country of Old Death and Strange Years in the Frightful.
  5. May 10,  · Band: Keep Your Opinions To Yourself (KYOTY) Album:Undiscovered Country of Old Death and Strange Years in the Frightful Past Track: 11 released 21 March All songs & artwork by KYOTY.
  6. That was almost ten years ago. I think in a way The Undiscovered Country is a very odd film in the context of what you call “the franchise.” It is without a doubt, it is the grittiest and most.
  7. Keep Your Opinions to Yourself, Category: Artist, Albums: Undiscovered Country of Old Death and Strange Years in the Frightful Past, Top Tracks: 14, 11, 07, 08, 12, Monthly Listeners: 6, Where People Listen: Konya, Québec, Warsaw, Turin, Manchester Undiscovered Country of Old Death and Strange Years in the Frightful Past. View all on.
  8. 第7曲「12」では容赦無くスラッジリフを浴びさせ、Russian Circleの様にリリカルな純白をハードコアのスタイルで生み出し、歪みまくった音色と無慈悲な暴虐の衝動を押し出しつつも、その根底にある旋律はやはりメランコリックであるし、トリオ編成のシンプルかつ屈強なアンサンブルでその輝きをより .

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